Misogynistic Myths

I’m quickly growing weary of people defending Johnny Depp. My mind spins as I try to sleep. Victim-blaming rhetoric bounces around in my brain. The words I read online are the same ones people said to me when I spoke out. Insomnia leads to loss of focus, which then leads to hyper-focus. I drop onto…

Textbook Abuse

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been difficult to watch, as I suspect it has been for all survivors of male violence. In fact, some male friends that are survivors of domestic violence with women perpetrators are finding it difficult to watch, too. They see their abuser in Amber and women see…


The ongoing saga between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has filled the news over the past few weeks. Whoever’s side you believe, I think it’s undeniable theirs was an abusive, toxic relationship. With descriptions of physical violence, verbal and emotional abuse, and defecating in their shared bed, it sounds like a nightmare. Regardless of who…

The Divided States of America

Contrary to Rep. Lauren Boebart’s tweet on the morning of January 6, 2021, it is not 1776, the year of our Declaration of Independence during the American Revolutionary War. Rebels are not fighting for freedom from an oppressive foreign regime. It is not even 1861, the year that the American Civil War started. Soldiers are…

Terrorists, Not Protestors

Words shape public opinion and even define our perception of reality, so the language we choose to represent people and events matters.  The terrifying assault on our Capitol on January 6, 2021, has been described as protests that turned into riots, an insurrection, an armed standoff, and an attempted coup. Good choice of words. That’s…

“You’ll Submit”

Sending some silliness your way! I rewrote the lyrics to Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back” and made a video mocking Trump’s refusal to concede.

Scary Voter Intimidation

Today on The Daily Rose, we look at the scary voter intimidation tactics the GOP are pulling, especially the motorcade in Texas, and how both Trump and Trump Jr. are encouraging them.

Election Fraud

Today’s episode of The Daily Rose outlines the ways the GOP are trying to undermine this extremely important election. From voter intimidation to foreign collusion, “unofficial” ballot collection boxes, refusal to back a peaceful transition of power, and actively eroding voter confidence in the election process.

ICE Deportations

Starting on October 16th, ICE will be able to deport people immediately if they can’t prove—right there and then—they’ve been in the USA at least two years legally. Plus, some election updates on today’s episode of The Daily Rose.

Poetic Justice

Trump tests positive for COVID and undergoes experimental treatment, and America gets to see a humbled, grateful side of a man who’s terrified to die. While some wish him well, others say he brought it on himself. Lies from all sides, and the timeline just doesn’t add up.