Love Bombing & Oxytocin Addiction

Love bombing is a term widely used within the context of a romantic relationship. It’s essentially a form of manipulation that attempts to artificially create intimacy. When someone love bombs you, it means they lavish you with intense affection, attention, and praise in an attempt to win your trust and affection early in the relationship….

Scary Voter Intimidation

Today on The Daily Rose, we look at the scary voter intimidation tactics the GOP are pulling, especially the motorcade in Texas, and how both Trump and Trump Jr. are encouraging them.

One More Week

Today on The Daily Rose, I’ll be talking a little about Mitch McConnell (aka evil incarnate) and what things look like one week to Election Day 2020, the good, the bad, and the shameful.

Election Fraud

Today’s episode of The Daily Rose outlines the ways the GOP are trying to undermine this extremely important election. From voter intimidation to foreign collusion, “unofficial” ballot collection boxes, refusal to back a peaceful transition of power, and actively eroding voter confidence in the election process.

National Despair

Today on The Daily Rose, i’ll be talking about the uncertainty of our future in the United States and the despair and depression it’s causing in so many, including me.

ICE Deportations

Starting on October 16th, ICE will be able to deport people immediately if they can’t prove—right there and then—they’ve been in the USA at least two years legally. Plus, some election updates on today’s episode of The Daily Rose.

Poetic Justice

Trump tests positive for COVID and undergoes experimental treatment, and America gets to see a humbled, grateful side of a man who’s terrified to die. While some wish him well, others say he brought it on himself. Lies from all sides, and the timeline just doesn’t add up.

2020 Debate Debacle

What an utter and complete nightmare last night’s debate was. A shitshow.. That word kept coming to mind during the debates last night, which I could barely stomach. Ever since, I’ve been angry, depressed, and feeling like I want to curl up in a dark corner and sleep until it’s all over.  That wasn’t a…

Trump’s Planned Election Coup

“Let us not hedge about one thing. Donald Trump may win or lose, but he will never concede.” These words stand out in The Atlantic’s informative yet terrifying article yesterday entitled “The Election That Could Break America.” The Atlantic reports, “Close students of election law and procedure are warning that conditions are ripe for a…

Book Review: A Shade of Vampire

(Reblogged from O. M. Grey’s blog: Caught in the Cogs) A Shade of Vampire is about a girl, Sofia Cleremont, who is kidnapped on her seventeenth birthday and put into a “harem” to be a (assumed, sexual) slave to the Prince of vampires, Derek Novak. Fortunately for Sofia, her beautiful blue eyes, soft red hair,…