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Starting on October 16th, ICE will be able to deport people immediately if they can’t prove—right there and then—they’ve been in the USA at least two years legally. Plus, some election updates on today’s episode of The Daily Rose. Listen in the audio player below.

The Daily Rose, Episode 13: ICE Deportations
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Election Campaign Update
Yesterday was the VP Debates, and they were actual professional debates, not the petulant child shouting match led by Trump last week. Still, Pence bullied his way to extra time, albeit in a quieter way. He refused to answer the questions asked, and instead said what he wanted. Sadly, the press and the people are focusing more on the fly that landed on his head then his refusal to answer questions and his complete lack of respect for the process. Sounded very much like avoidance to me, but sadly no one called him on this. It was as if he was determined to exploit his white, rich, male privilege against the two women he was up against: the absolutely badass (I mean she was fierce) Kamala Harris and the moderator Susan Page, who did a remarkably better job at reigning in Pence than Chris Wallace did for reigning in Trump last week. Still, she wasn’t assertive enough with her repeated, “Thank you, Mr. Vice President,” as Pence kept talking over her. I was so proud of Kamala insisting she get her time back and when he tried to interrupt, she would say, “I’m talking now.” She was bad.ass. She was the most presidential person we’ve seen so far, which is why I say I’m voting through Biden for HARRIS! 

Trump has been released from the hospital and keeps saying he feels better than he has in 20 years. Yes, I suppose anyone would on the steroids they have him on. He also said (much to the horror and fury of most Americans), not to be afraid of COVID. So he’s back to his normal minimizing and dismissing of the deadliest pandemic this country has seen in 1918. Over 201K people are dead. Can’t emphasize that enough. 

He also didn’t waste any time in shutting down stimulus talks until after the election, only to do a complete 180 shortly thereafter saying he would “Sign it right now” for another (whopping) $1200 for citizens (after 6 months of no help) and billions to bail out airlines and a little thrown toward small businesses. 

Time magazine’s new cover shows the White House emitting red COVID cells like smoke until it fills the entire sky. There’s even a rumor that VP Pence now has COVID and knew before last night’s debate. That has yet to be confirmed or denied. 

The next Presidential Debate is scheduled for next week, remotely due to Trump’s positive status (still hasn’t tested negative), but Trump claims he won’t participate because “I’m not gonna waste my time in a virtual debate. That’s not what debating is all about you sit behind a computer. …. And then they cut you off whenever they want.” … obviously he realizes he can’t bully his way through when they can just cut his mic. (which they should be doing anyway)!

Pelosi invoking the 25th tomorrow. Which might just be next episode’s topic, depending how that goes.

Thankfully, the news is edging away from his positive diagnosis and back onto his taxes and unwillingness to condemn White Supremacy. A group of which had a plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore. I shudder to think what they would’ve done to her if they had succeeded. Thankfully the Feds found out and stopped them in time. 

A new story broke today about what’s happening right now with ICE, and I suspect Trump hopes the media circus around Pence’s pet fly, Coronavirus in the White House, and more campaign trail antics will steer people’s attention away from the fact ICE can now deport people immediately, which brings us to the main content today. 

Buzzfeed News reports that ICE has been given expanded powers starting October 16th, just a week away and two weeks before the most important election in US History during the last century—if not since its inception. 

Between his ridiculous failed wall and calling Mexicans “drug dealers, criminals, and rapists” to increase Xenophobia throughout the country, Trump hasn’t hidden his antipathy toward immigrants. Last year in 2019, a federal court judge blocked Trump’s attempt to expand ICE’s reach, but in June a Court of Appeals in DC lifted this block, so ICE now has the power to deport undocumented immigrants without a hearing in front of an immigration judge. In other words, without due process. 

Now ICE officers alone can be judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to deporting people, just for not having their paperwork on their person when arrested. This opens up the possibility (let’s be frank, probability) for racial profiling, meaning latino people across the nation will be harassed, no matter their immigration or citizenship status. 

ICE officers are reportedly finishing new training for these powers, to end on October 16th, and at least at first, ICE attorneys will review cases for confirmation that the person was eligible for this new policy, as an internal email stated.

Buzzfeed reports: “Officers can decide not to use expedited removal in cases in which an immigrant has “mental competency” issues, is the sole caregiver of a US citizen or lawful permanent child, has some chance at obtaining legal status through deportation proceedings, or if they are a crime victim or witness to a crime, among other exceptions.” … which means they can also decide to ignore those things as well. All on their own. 

For me, this also begs the question if they will even be deported or rather go into “detention,” which is the euphemism this administration is calling the concentration camps on the borders—something else the media and American people seem to have forgotten. Those kids are still in cages, two years later. Families have still not been reunited, two years later. 

It’s clear from families to communities to politics, Trump excels at one thing: tearing people apart from their loved ones. 

Immigrants and their children. 

Elderly parents and spouses and children die alone, scared, and slowly suffocating to death from COVID, a virus Trump still minimizes (and encourages his followers to transmit through close contact with others all while mocking those who wear masks). 

Communities who used to be able to have political debates and tolerance for those “across the aisle” now find themselves blocking people who support Trump because to support Trump is to support a serial rapist, someone who encourages white supremacists, and a president who is eroding our democracy. 

Trump destroys. He destroys families. He destroys communities. He destroys alliances. 

Trump leaves nothing but hatred and destruction in his wake.

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