Pet Sitting Videos

Animal antics described in my memoir, One Reason to Live .
These wonderful pets brought me so much joy!
They kept me company and sane(ish).

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Swaddling Bluebelle in her towel burrito.
It was the only way she would eat!
Lancaster, England. March 2017.

Stinkki whistling Hawaii 5-0 and surfing.
Lancaster, England. April 2017.

Stinkki beatboxing and his silly trumpeting.
Lancaster, England. May 2017.

Swaddling Bluebelle!
Lancaster, England. May 2017.

Playing ball with Mr. Gruber.
Leicester, England. February 2016.

My beloved Buster (Mr. Lamprey) enjoying his puppuccino.
Sacramento, CA. August 2016.

Cassie had a thing about shoes!
Ft. Collins, CO. January 2017.

Paddy & Jarvis.
Ulverston, England. May 2017.

Louie smothering me with kisses!
London. June 2017.

Max playing with the water hose.
London. July 2017.

Tizzie Tizzie Tazzie! Walking “up and down and up and down.”
It was how we got our exercise each day. Up and down the hallway.
She was mostly blind, so she’d follow my shadow.
London. August 2017.

Silly Mickey rubbing all the way down the treat aisle!
Portland, OR. February 2018.

Mickey trying to bury his bone in the bedsheets.
Portland, OR. February 2018.

Lou singing “Shake It Off.”
Paris, France. April 2018.

Kisses from Lou!
Paris, France. April 2018.