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A Short Summary of One Reason to Live

After multiple traumas and the end of a 15-year marriage, a woman rebuilt her life by traveling around Europe as a pet sitter. 

When her husband left, she broke down. On scrap paper she wrote “Reasons to Live,” and it stayed blank for days. Then she found her answer: Live in Europe. Through she could pet sit, living for free in other people’s homes, and work remotely.

Starting in London, she traveled to England, Scotland, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, as well as the USA. She accepted pet sits when she could and stayed at AirBnBs in between. Between the agonizing heartbreak and her battle to heal from those other traumatic events, she struggled to connect with people and trust again. Ultimately, she reformed her identity and kept stepping forward on her own, creating a wonderful new life for herself.

ONE REASON TO LIVE follows her journey as she manages her grief and C-PTSD, embracing self-love. She learns how to care for herself and fulfills lifelong dreams.