One Reason to Live

A Memoir by Christine Rose

After multiple traumas and the end of a 15-year marriage, Christine rebuilds her life by traveling around Europe as a pet sitter. 

When her husband left, she broke down. On scrap paper she wrote “Reasons to Live,” and it stayed blank for days. Then she had her answer: Live in Europe. Through she could petsit, living in other people’s homes for free and work remotely.

This forthcoming memoir follows her journey as she radically accepts her grief, suicidal ideation, and C-PTSD. She learns how to care for herself and fulfills lifelong dreams.

Currently querying agents. If you’re a literary agent and interested in hearing more, please contact me.

About the author

Award-winning author of the Rowan of the Wood MG/YA fantasy series. Selections of Christine’s writing can be seen at JournoPortfolio and some of her art at Fine Art America. Between the years 2010 & 2014, Christine also wrote, blogged, and podcasted under the name O. M. Grey.

About Christine