National Despair

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Today on The Daily Rose, i’ll be talking about the uncertainty of our future in the United States and the despair and depression it’s causing in so many, including me.

The Daily Rose Podcast, Episode 14: National Despair | Transcript

NYT: Republican Party Admits to Fake Ballot Boxes
Washington Post: Republicans Unofficial Ballot Boxes
CNN: California Pastor Urges Parishioners to Use GOP Ballot Boxes

Washington Post: Barrett is open to voter intimidation and postponing the election
CNN: Kamala Grills Barrett on Obamacare

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  1. laurapreble says:

    Hey… I have been alternating between hope and despair, often cycling through both multiple times per day. I am encouraged by the 10 million people who have already voted. Hoping this is the last gasp of our decrepit dinosaur system.

    1. christinerose says:

      Me too.
      Hope it’s the end of the GOP.

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