Scary Voter Intimidation

Today on The Daily Rose, we look at the scary voter intimidation tactics the GOP are pulling, especially the motorcade in Texas, and how both Trump and Trump Jr. are encouraging them.

The Daily Rose Podcast, Episode 17: Scary Voter Intimidation
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We’re two days away from election day. Texas is on the cusp of going Blue, which is a remarkable comment on how republicans as a whole feel about Trump and his fiasco of a presidency. Even if it doesn’t go blue this year, it has become a battleground state, something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, but I suppose I can say that about a lot of things that have happened in the past four years under Trump. 

Concentration camps at the borders. Children in cages. Armed militia setting up checkpoints and showing up at polls to scare voters in democrat areas. The rise of white supremacy, bringing the word “Nazi” once again in present tense. Police brutality at a whole new level and with the world watching. These are terrifying times, and I didn’t even get to the Pandemic killing over 230,000 Americans while Trump and his lackeys still scoff at wearing masks. 

It’s like some surreal reality show, which is exactly what the entire Trump administration has been since the beginning. 

Friday, October 30, a Trump caravan surrounded a Biden/Harris bus full of staffers, causing the Biden/Harris campaign to cancel their next three events in the “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” tour. What an appropriate name for the Democrats election campaign tour. One source said over 100 vehicles surrounded the bus, many braking in front of it, causing the bus to slow down to 20MPH on a major highway, I I-35 between San Antonio and Austin. One even crashed into a Biden staffer’s car, but thankfully there were no serious injuries. It was caught on video which can be seen at in the post for this episode. Like in a car chase movie scene, the huge truck jerked their wheel to the left and rammed into the side of the staffers car. 

A historian who studied the rise of the Third Reich by the name of Dr. Eric Cervini had flown to Texas from California to help with the Biden/Harris campaign. He tweeted an eye-witness account, which I highly recommend you read. It’s the first embedded tweet on this post at He reports that the armed MAGA motorcade (or “Trump Train”) outnumbered the police 50-to-1, and the police refused to help, stating “not my jurisdiction.” There were no arrests despite the criminal activity. 

Just imagine for a moment if that motorcade was “Antifa” or speaking for “Black Lives Matter” and did that to a Trump bus how differently the police would have responded? Of course, the left don’t behave like bullies en masse like this. They don’t show up as armed militia. Any violence on the left is perpetrated by a few people here and there. It’s not at all en masse like it’s been with the Trump supporters, including the Proud Boys and other boogaloos. 

The staffers on the bus called 911 and now the FBI is investigating the incident. Despite the scores of video and images, Texas GOP chairman Allen West called it fake news and propaganda, dismissing the entire incident. 

“Rather than engage in productive conversation about the drastically different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas today instead decided to put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way,” Biden campaign Texas communications director told CNN. He assured CNN the Biden/Harris campaign would continue planning and attending events. They would not be intimidated.

But how many voters will be? People are afraid, as The Washington Post reports. They’re afraid of a civil war, and so am I. Here in Portland, it feels like it has already begun. If this devolved into civil war, the history books will show it started in Portland during the Black Lives Matter protests. The Post writes, “a right-wing armed group plans to show up at ballot drop-off sites on Tuesday with weapons in plain view.” The information in the article is terrifying, but not surprising if you’ve been paying attention at all to what’s been happening this year—and in the last four, really: “The signals are disturbing: A sharp increase in gun sales. A spike in chatter about civil war in online forums where right-wing extremists gather. An embrace of violent language by President Trump and other leaders. And surveys showing an increased willingness by some Americans to see violence as an acceptable tool against political opponents.”

People are posting disturbing images and concerns and articles all over social media about voter intimidation and America’s descent into fasism, saying: This is not America. This is not who we are…

…But it is who we are. It’s who American has become under Trump. White supremacists are real. Armed militias are real. While I’m terrified that Trump will “win” this election—and I use that term very loosely because if he does, all the voter intimidation, voting inconvenience, ballot/process tampering, and the rest worked—if he stays in power, either due to the election or because he won’t leave, I’m only slightly less terrified of the response if he loses. While Trump is a sociopath and loves to incite violence, his followers are the real scary ones. Many of them are itching for a civil war. They want “their country” back, that is without people of color, uppity women, and LBGTQ people “ruining it.” They’re angry and they’ve been emboldened by Trump. They won’t quietly go back hiding in the woodwork. 

Shockingly, even Chad Wolf, the acting Homeland Security Secretary who stuck his nose in the Portland Protests and lied to the country about what was happening here, said, “White supremacist violent extremists have been exceptionally lethal in their abhorrent, targeted attacks … [and] seek to force ideological change in the United States through violence, death, and destruction.”

Dr. Eric Cervini, the Third Reich historian who had the informative thread of his eye-witness account, said, “While Germany still had elections and Hitler was merely a disgraced politician, his militia of Brownshirts interrupted his opponents’ political meetings and incited violence in the streets.”

Sound familiar? 

Hopefully it will all be over this week and our future won’t seem as uncertain as it has for months—this entire year, really. The Post reports that the FBI has even issued a warning about election day, calling it a “potential flash point” for the “boogaloos,” a loose collection of extremist groups hungry for a civil war. 

If he stays or if he goes, both scenarios are scary.

I do this podcast to do something, as I’ve mentioned many times already in the past 17 episodes. Dr. Cervini put it best, “I sure as hell don’t want to wake up on Wednesday wishing I had done more to save our democracy.” 

There are virtual call centers at Even 20 minutes of your time can help encourage a voter in a swing state to go to the polls and vote Biden. There are more at 

If you are in or can travel to a Swing State, please do. Find out where you can canvass at 

We must remember a few things: 

  1. Election fraud is rampant on the side of the GOP. We must continue to speak up on social media and to our representatives about this. 
  2. Encourage people to vote, even if you believe our vote doesn’t count or won’t make a difference. We could be wrong. It’s not worth the price of what’s left of our Democracy to take the risk. Vote early. Vote NOW if you can. 
  3. There are two days left. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.

VOTE! Prepare for a long wait if you are going in person. Bring a device full of movies and some snacks. Come with a buddy so you can keep your place in line when one of you need the restroom. If you’re able to vote early, please do! The waits will be longer on Election Day. Please don’t let those long waits deter you from voting, as this is the most important election in our lifetime—in centuries, really. 

If you are able to vote early, please do! 

Let’s not wake up Wednesday morning wishing we could’ve done more to save our democracy.

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P.S. I hate politics, too. It infuriates me. The injustice triggers me to the point that I’m sometimes not okay for days. No one likes politics except politicians, especially dirty politics like what you see with Trump and his supporters, but this isn’t about politics. This is about your CIVIC DUTY. This is about the death of our Democracy, and that’s not hyperbole. Let’s hope we still have the luxury of voicing our hatred of politics in the coming years, and we truly might not if Trump remains in the White House.

Don’t wake up Wednesday morning wishing you could’ve done more to save our Democracy.

DO SOMETHING…. anything at all is better than nothing.

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