2020 Debate Debacle

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The Daily Rose Podcast, Episode 11: 2020 Debate Debacle
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What an utter and complete nightmare last night’s debate was. A shitshow.. That word kept coming to mind during the debates last night, which I could barely stomach. Ever since, I’ve been angry, depressed, and feeling like I want to curl up in a dark corner and sleep until it’s all over. 

That wasn’t a debate; it was a schoolyard shouting match—a terrorizing bully determined to show “strength” through aggression. Throwing a virtual tantrum like a petulant child. Making everything about him, playing the victim, exaggerating (or completely inventing) his accomplishments, outright lying multiple times (as usual), personally attacking Biden, showing no respect whatsoever. In short, he behaved exactly like the malignant narcissist he is, and if anyone was surprised by his abhorrent behavior, they haven’t been paying attention for the last four years (or perhaps they are minimizing/selectively forgetting his toxicity to continue functioning in this country). 

Let me be very clear on my stance here: I’m no fan of Biden, as he’s also an accused sexual predator, and I believe the survivor without question unless proven otherwise—so the exact opposite that rape culture teaches us to do, which is to doubt and question the survivor spouting “innocent until proven guilty.” This is something I won’t go into today too deeply because it’s an entire episode on it’s own. In short: “innocent until proven guilty” is only applicable in a court of law to determine whether or not the accused will go to prison. It does not come into play in social or professional situations. Since there is a 2-8% rate of false accusation of sexual violence, less than false accusations of any other crime, I believe the survivor. 

All that said, yes Biden is an accused sexual predator, and so is Trump. In fact, Trump has been accused 27 times, 7 of those children. In short, for the most powerful office in the world, we get to choose between rapist and serial rapist. I live with this by saying I won’t vote for Biden, but I will vote through Biden for Harris. 

I say all this so as to not to seem like I’m defending or making excuses for Biden, especially since he ran the “It’s On Us” campaign during the Obama Administration, raising awareness on the epidemic of sexual assault, which makes him rather a hypocrit. I don’t respect him, and I don’t defend him, although he’s better than Trump for so many reasons but also not the ideal Democratic candidate either. 

So—moving on. Trump bullied not only Biden but also Chris Wallace, the moderator. Although I appreciate what Wallace said after the debate, he allowed Trump to get away with far too much, as many times Trump interrupted and shouted over Biden—visibly shaking him, as anyone would be in that situation—cutting into Biden’s time and derailing his train of thought and message. It was unfair, but then what else did we expect from Trump? He’s a bully. He’s always been a bully. He will always be a Bully. 

I wish Wallace had just cut his mic when it was Biden’s turn to speak. Several are calling Biden the winner of the debate, but I don’t think anyone won the debate, especially not the American people. It was humiliating. It was triggering. It was utterly absurd this is the behavior of the (formerly) most-respected and powerful job in the world. 

Biden also talked over Trump, but really I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t have in that situation. He called him a “clown” and told him to just “shut up, man,” to which I cheered. Standing up to a bully is the only way, and both Biden and Wallace were able to stand up to Trump’s aggression and disrespect more as the debate progressed. 

Trump not only insulted Joe, calling him names as well (remember, schoolyard shouting match), but he also attacked Joe’s family directly by bringing Joe’s sons into the picture. So cruel, especially trying to shame him for Biden’s son’s former drug addiction. Biden didn’t stoop so low as to bring Trump’s children into it, who are as much crooks and as toxic as their father. 

At times I noticed Biden started stuttering a little, and I felt so much empathy for him as a human being who has struggled with (and overcome) that—and has also helped others who struggle with it. Despite the standing accusation, I did empathize with him because he was being so bullied, which must’ve been triggering to how he was treated growing up with a stutter, bringing all of that abuse back and being so shaken during Trump’s angry, abusive outbursts that it brought the stutter out a little. It broke my heart. 

Make no mistake, Trump’s behavior was triggering to so very many people who have survived trauma, especially abuse at the hands of a bully like that man-child, sexual predator Donald Trump. 

I’m sick of bullies getting away with so much. 

The thing that made me the angriest was the misinformation and outright lies repeated by both Trump and Biden about what’s happening in Portland. That Biden even said we need the National Guard to quell the protests show that there is no understanding of what’s happening here on the ground, something I’ve covered multiple times already on this podcast and in my video “The Revolution in Portland.” One thing will stop the protests and that’s addressing the rampant police brutality across the country and holding police accountable for their actions, as starters. 

The thing for which I’m most glad was that Wallace asked about White Supremacy, openly and directly asking if Trump would denounce them. Instead, Trump told the Proud Boys to “Stand Back and Stand By,” something the Proud Boys were thrilled about, as you might imagine. They’re already selling T-Shirts and other merch with that saying. I think they’ve even adopted it as their new motto. 

Yep. Once again. Trump supports and emboldens white nationalists and armed militias. As I mentioned in the “Trump’s Election Coup” episode, he’s calling for a “MAGA Trump Army” to monitor (read: intimidate at) the polls on election day. His son Donald Trump Jr is also urging people to “enlist” in this “army,” as reported by Jezabel. 

Ultimately, in the past four years, Donald Trump has taken the United States of America from the (once again) respected nation after the Obama Administration and made us a laughing stock on the world stage. The rest of the planet looked on in disbelief and amusement to watch Trump’s adolescent antics, as if it were a reality show. (Let’s face it, this has been a surreal reality show with Trump). Now Trump has taken their amusement and turned it into abject horror with the rise of White Supremacy and eroding our democracy. Free peoples all over the world are horrified to watch this happen, especially in the most powerful nation on Earth, as a truly fascist USA would affect the world. 

At this point, I can’t imagine how anyone is undecided. Few things are black and white, of course, and I understand and respect political differences under most circumstances; but this isn’t about political opinion. This is about losing our democracy. This is about stopping the rise of fascism and white supremacy. This is about the future of our nation in a way that no election has been in well over a century (if ever). 

If you support Trump—you are supporting white supremacy and fascism. Plain and simple. If you are so afraid of the myth of “Socialism” or you feel so strongly that abortion should be illegal that you are willing to trade our democracy for those things, you deserve Trump. If enough people vote for him to make it even close, then America deserves Trump. 

For the rest of us, if we don’t have the opportunity or means to escape when Trump either wins or refuses to leave, we will be living a nightmare. Those of rational mind will wonder what more we could’ve done, so don’t allow it to get to that. Donate to Biden’s campaign, even if it’s $5. Share this podcast. Share articles. Challenge those who support him, putting it into those very simple terms: Is avoiding Socialism worth losing our democracy? Do something, please.

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