Love Isn’t All You Need (Here’s Why)

We’ve all heard the phrase “love conquers all.” It comes from the widely-held belief that only love is necessary for a healthy, happy relationship. Of course, the quote is partially correct. Individuals surrounded by love often lead better and happier lives, and love is important in relationships, especially romantic ones. Is love all you need,…

Love Bombing & Oxytocin Addiction

Love bombing is a term widely used within the context of a romantic relationship. It’s essentially a form of manipulation that attempts to artificially create intimacy. When someone love bombs you, it means they lavish you with intense affection, attention, and praise in an attempt to win your trust and affection early in the relationship….

Pet Sitting with TrustedHousesitters: Everything You Need to Know

In 2015, I moved all of my worldly possessions into storage and took off for London to begin my journey as an international pet sitter. Over the next 18 months, I worked remotely while living in 7 different countries and experiencing life like never before. From snowshoeing in the Austrian Alps to strolling through the…

Free Fantasy Audiobook

Escape from this dark reality of 2020 and delve into a world of magic and adventure with this free serialized audiobook!

Longing for Home

Since I haven’t had a home of my own for three years, I have adapted to this nomadic lifestyle. Whether it’s in a hotel room, AirBnB, or one of my host’s homes, I can “feel at home” rather quickly. It’s been essential, really. Otherwise, I would always feel out of sorts, like I didn’t belong…

My Gothic Romance

Last weekend, Brian and I went to the Vampire Ball PDX, and we had a blast! Thankfully we got these professional pictures taken there because all of our pictures were tooo dark, thanks to the Gothic mood lighting throughout. This one above is my favorite, as it captures perfectly the way we look at each…

Speaking Your Love’s Language

A couple of years ago, I touched on the Love and Apology Languages, but finding myself in a new relationship, The 5 Love Languages** have been once again brought to the forefront of my mind. The philosophy behind Attachment Theory is also quite interesting to me, which is a topic I’ll be covering in another…

Our Magical Week

People say Disneyland is the most magical place on earth. I suppose I’d challenge that with maybe Glencoe, Scotland or London, but it’s definitely the most magical (built) place in the USA, as the Redwood Forest is pretty magical naturally. I’ve been Disneyland many times over the past 20 years, and it’s always a treat,…

Beneath the Matterhorn

Okay. So I couldn’t see it well, but I did indeed see The Matterhorn. Even better, I went snowshoeing in The Alps for the second year in a row. Last year I was in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps. This year, I’m in the Swiss Alps, and this is The Matterhorn! I went snowshoeing BENEATH THE MATTERHORN!

For Just A Few Moments

….for NJD…. For just a few moments I captured your heart A sweet, brief reunion After decades apart For just a few moments We talked through the night Sharing stories and thoughts Of both darkness and light