My Gothic Romance


Last weekend, Brian and I went to the Vampire Ball PDX, and we had a blast! Thankfully we got these professional pictures taken there because all of our pictures were tooo dark, thanks to the Gothic mood lighting throughout. This one above is my favorite, as it captures perfectly the way we look at each other.

I used to wrote Gothic Romance as O. M. Grey, and here I am living a Gothic Romance of my very own.

It’s so much fun to be with someone who likes to go out on the town as much as he likes to stay in. Someone who is Goth-lite like me. Someone who is intelligent and kind, interesting and fun. I’m truly enjoying life so much more since we’ve been together. Existential and ethical conversations. Romantic moments. Magical times. Concerts, plays, happy hours, night markets…and now a Vampire Ball. 


Our full outfits complemented the other well. I wore a new corset and mask I got from Amazon, for surprisingly little (both for <$50!), and the mini bustle, wig, and lace dress I used to wear as O. M. Grey back in the day.

His great mask was from Faeryworlds a few years ago, so he was happy to wear it again.

We met some of his friends there, and an old friend of mine (from my Steampunk days) recognized me because of that mini bustle and wig. It was so great to see her after 6 years, as the last time I saw her was in Austin for Clockwork Con. We caught up over drinks later that week, and we both had quite the tale to tell.

The Gothic setting was perfect for us. Lots of dim lighting with accents of red. Flickering chandeliers and candles on each table. Red wine and food. Great vendors selling everything from leather plague masks to creepy jewelry to sexy supplies.

It was certainly a night to remember, and I look forward to many more memorable nights with Mr. Enigma.


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