Book Reviews

Praise for One Reason to Live:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “…what makes this memoir a winner is the compelling message that when broken individuals make the decision to face their past, they begin to create a life of purpose and significance. One Reason to Live: A Memoir About Surviving Trauma is an irresistible story about surviving trauma and life-changing decisions. It is a moving story that is seasoned with the author’s literary intelligence, and while the pathos rubs off on the readers, they can’t fail to note the many lessons on the connection between choice and healing.” ~ Daniel Rhodes, The Book Commentary (read full review)

“Through her vivid and honest storytelling, Rose describes the long and arduous process of healing and finding her way back to a fulfilling life…What makes this memoir particularly compelling is Christine Rose’s ability to convey the raw emotions that come with trauma and the healing process. She does not sugarcoat the difficulties of recovery but instead offers a powerful message of hope and perseverance for anyone who has experienced trauma…One Reason to Live is a prime example of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love and support to overcome even the most devastating of circumstances. It is a must-read for anyone who needs inspiration and encouragement in their journey toward healing and self-discovery.” ~Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite (read full review)

Unlike popular social media posts that mostly bring appealing stories to light and leave the ugly truths in the shadows, One Reason to Live reveals the daunting pressures that shaped the protagonist into the diamond she is today. Through her sincere, poignant, and courageous storytelling, we see her imperfections and deep emotional struggles…One Reason to Live is a fantastic read. It educates, entertains, motivates, and tugs at your heartstrings. It fills you with life in all its true colors. I loved it and learned that our world still has a long way to go in eradicating misogyny. ~ Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite (read full review)

Praise for the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series:

“I found Rowan of the Wood to be an imaginative and fun read with a fairy tale flavor to it that will appeal to old and young alike.” – Victoria Kennedy, Midwest Book Reviews

“This is a great addition to the wizarding world. You’ll find yourself reading it in a day because you won’t want to put it down.” – Austin Monthly Magazine

Rowan of the Wood is a fanciful and intriguing book about love, loss, magic and a centuries old quest. With a likeable group of heroes, and a set of villains that you can actually feel sorry for at points, they take you on a mystical tale that spans fourteen centuries and leads to the twenty-first century where a misfit boy has to take on an enormous responsibility.” – A. E. Jaskiewicz for Front Street Reviews

“Rowan of the Wood is a first-rate story with consistently entertaining and endearing (and fearsome and adorable and abhorrent) characters, an interesting plot full of twisty goodness, and plenty of fifty-cent words that’ll keep young readers on their toes.”
– Adrienne Crezo

Witch on the Water is action packed and filled with some very suspenseful moments. This is a book that I think readers of all ages could enjoy.” – Kate, The Neverending Shelf

“A fantastic sequel to Rowan of the Wood!…This book is full of adventure, perspectives, and defiantly suspense.” – Teen Review at HGB (5/5 paws)

“Christine and Ethan Rose are masters at creating fascinating characters that continually surprise you.” – Bitten by Books (5/5 Tombstones)

“Witch on the Water is filled with action, suspense, and intense emotions. Easily a tale that you can share with your children, the details entrance and the action more than keeps your attention.” – Howling Good Books (5/5 Paws)

“Awesome! The best book ever made. The ending is the best, and the green man- amazing! I can’t think of a better book to read!” ~ K. A. Schaefer, Amazon Review (for Spirit of the Otherworld, Rowan of the Wood Book 5)

Praise for Avalon Revisited (as O. M. Grey)

“Avalon Revisited, by O. M. Grey, is a delightful combination of historical fiction, romance and steampunk…This book is cleverly written with enough humor to take the edge off of the sadness.”

“Avalon Revisited is destined to become one of the definitive novels of the Steampunk genre. It’s magnificently written and each page renders you eager to get to the next. For all those clamoring for Steampunk novels, look no further than Avalon Revisited! It doesn’t get any better than this.” ~Maynard Blaylock, Dark Faery Magazine

“…a sensual road that lead me to a quickness of heart rate, a need to touch, smell and taste the pleasures of another, and images that will continue to move through my brain for a very long time. A thought provoking journey…one that begs to be told over and over. It was exceptional and I loved every page! Thank you so much for the adventure!” ~ Therasa Merritt-Fritze

“This wonderfully written novel is filled with delectable twists and turns that keep the reader, and Arthur, on their toes…In a world of cliché and just-like, Avalon Revisited is refreshingly original. It is steampunk at it’s best, and romance at it’s finest, wrapped around a murder mystery you can sink your teeth into. O.M. Grey has shown her mastery of speculative fiction and I can’t wait to see what is next off the presses.” ~ Maxwell Cynn

“From the first few lines, the book is immersing, easy to slip into, and flat-out entertaining…O.M. Grey has real talent, which is not something I’d say without sincerity, and certainly not something I’d say about someone who writes run-of-the-mill smut. This is high-quality Gothic vampire steam-powered erotica, y’all.” ~ Adrienne Crezo

“It was a quick, enthralling and well written leap into a world I didn’t know I enjoyed so very much. The wit is dark and the humor is sharp, the gadgets are ingenious. Grey uses every bit of her imagination to makes this whole world multidimensional and engaging, yet so very simple to believe in…O.M. Grey gives a unique view into the many layers and mannerisms and details of a subculture that’s steeped in such strict etiquette.”
~ Filthy Rotten via

“The story is intriguing and delicious, the characters are delightful and easy to picture, and the London backdrop serves perfectly for a supernaturally romantic mystery. I hope to see much more of the same genre from O.M. Grey, whose prose is never over- or underdone, and whose well-rounded construction of Arthur is addictive and quite companionable for the reader. Classic and passionate (but never to the point of smut, in my opinion) “Avalon Revisited” is a delectable triumph and has left me savoring its flavor and definitely hungry for more.”
~ Alyson via, full review on Worthy Cogitations

“Fans of Gail Carriger will LOVE Avalon Revisited. Steamy scenes, plot twists, intriguing characters, and of course fabulous gadgets and a most impressive airship make for a phenomenal Steampunk adventure! Gray weaves English History, Arthurian Legend, Victorian culture and Supernatural beings into an incredible tale that covers romance, deception, bustles, brass fittings and intrigue. This is especially great for those who need a break from complaining Vampires who lament their monsterhood on a continuous basis. Arthur makes no apologies for who he is- and he has a rather more creative back story than any other Vampiric Hero. Pick it up- it’s a great read!”
~ Old Towne Books & Tea (via Amazon review)

“This was a fantastic tale filled with just the right touches of wry, dark humor, horror and gore, steampunk gadgets, and romance. The hero is delightfully flawed, while the heroine is the perfect mix of spunk and innocence. Solid story and wonderful twists and turns made this impossible to put down. It was definitely gobbled in one sitting. I can’t wait to read more by this author. Highly recommend this read – five gold stars!”
~Heidi via

“A combination of steampunk and paranormal romance which keeps its identity all through without having to remind you why at every twist and turn… I took my time, allowing myself to fully enjoy the nuances and pacing O.M. Grey afforded.” ~ Aria’s Dark Muse

“The characters are totally infectious, the love scenes are quite steamy…I’m an avid reader of vampire fiction and Avalon Revisited will be put on my shelf right between Bram Stoker and Anne Rice…my all time favorites!”
~ Briane via

“From its opening scene until the final page, this intriguing novel engages the reader’s interest…The combination of witty dialogue, historical authenticity, and mystery result in a highly entertaining novel, ensuring that the reader turns the pages as quickly as possible to find out what happens to Arthur and Avalon.” ~ Carol @ Bitten by Books

“Avalon Revisited is a delightful farce! The whole time I was reading it, I couldn’t help but share bits with whomever was with in earshot.” ~ Anna Marie @ Anna Marie’s Corner

“I thoroughly got a kick out of reading this book. It was a straight forward read told in the first person without any unnecessary rambling from Arthur…There is (what I think is) an ample amount of sexy, steamy intimate encounters in the book but not the overdone, over the top kind. Quite tastefully done…I wanted more everything. O.M. Grey is an author to be on the look-out for.” ~ Tasha @ rockcandy

“I’m glad I read it. I actually read it all in one sitting…The overall plot was interesting and original…I would recommend this to anyone who likes Steampunk or Paranormal that doesn’t mind sex and a little violence.” ~Tara @ 25 Hour Books

“O.M. Grey enters the world of Steampunk in a huge way with Avalon Revisited. A mixture of mystery, blood, love, and jealousy makes this new author an absolute delight to read. This is one book that will excite readers and make them demand more!”
~Nicole @ Howling Good Books

Praise for The Zombies of Mesmer (as O. M. Grey)

“A decidedly breathtaking, and action-packed ending brings the tale to a satisfying end, and it will leave you wanting to know how soon before the next installment in Nickie Nick’s adventures comes out. A story for young adults and adults alike. And exciting read that will keep you up well into the night clicking through the digital pages.” ~ Michele Hauf, VampChix

“Nickie is the perfect vampire slayer for the post-modern world. A prim Victorian girl, just coming of age by day, a plucky and touchy defender by night—she is the perfect package, all rolled up into a proper corset. The Zombies of Mesmer was the kind of book one should never begin at bedtime. Not just because it has a perfectly tuned choir of creepiness, but because once started you cannot put it down! If the Zombies of Mesmer is the new trend in vampire novels, I have hope for the genre again.”~ Muffy Morrigan

Praise for Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author:

“Holy Guacamole. Ms. Rose has done her homework here. This Indie publication is concise, professional, and well edited.  Better yet: this is one of the rare books on book promotion which addresses fiction writers’ needs.  In whole, Rose’s book serves as a very timely snapshot of the hustle and the choices that 2011 authors face.” ~ Sarah Pinneo, Blurb is a Verb

This book gives readers a look into an author’s life while simultaneously imparting invaluable advice. It turns reading what could have otherwise been a dry textbook into an exciting learning experience. Needless to say, I highly recommend Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author to everyone who wants to be publishedThe lifetime benefits as a writer that you’ll receive from this book far outweigh the small price you pay for it.” ~Rachel Brooks, Literary Agent

Christine’s book offers a thorough, fresh, and honest look at both traditional and self publishing options. Reading it is like sitting down and having coffee with a good friend who’s in the know about the publishing industry.”
~Evelyn Lafont, author of The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume One.

“Christine Rose’s book is mandatory reading for anyone who is thinking about writing a book, in process or has just completed one. As a successful, published author, Christine shares a treasure trove of information about marketing and publishing in a witty, concise manner. A mind-boggling world awaits. Let Christine’s guidance help you to get your work into the right hands.” ~ Caroline Kirby, emerging author.

“This should be required reading for emerging authors.” ~ TS Tate, freelance editor.

“This is the one that will guide you through the jumble of today’s publishing options. Packed with practical information, the writing is fast-paced and to the point. No fluff, just facts. A must for every writers reference library. This author has experienced it all, and she graciously reviews the entire process enabling you to realize potential and practical options for your book. I bought the Kindle version and stayed up to read it. Couldn’t put this one down.” ~N. Bright via Reviews