Glowing Reviews for One Reason to Live!

“Not for the faint of heart, Christine Rose’s memoir, One Reason to Live, describes her strength and willingness to build her life back into a state of well-being after multiple traumas including sexual violence, an ending marriage, and some very confusing relationships. Poignant, yet hopeful, this book will evoke many emotions in its readers. Christine’s wonderful travel stories, complete with a cast of adorable pets she takes care of, will have readers laughing, crying, and cheering.”

~Kristi Elizabeth, San Francisco Book Review

In the past two weeks, several reviews from both readers and professional reviews alike have landed in my inbox, and I’m so touched by their words! It’s a lovely feeling when one’s work (especially as personal as this book) speaks to people so deeply. You can see all of them in their entirety on the memoir’s Praise page, but here is a sampling!

Professional Reviews


Manhattan Book Review : : “…raw, tender, and ultimately, far more moving than anything I’ve read in the genre before…If you often find memoirs to be lacking in soul, give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed!” ~ Beatrice Toothman

“What makes this memoir particularly compelling is Christine Rose’s ability to convey the raw emotions that come with trauma and the healing process. She does not sugarcoat the difficulties of recovery but instead offers a powerful message of hope and perseverance for anyone who has experienced trauma…One Reason to Live is a prime example of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love…”

~ Rabia Tanveer


The Book Commentary :: “…what makes this memoir a winner is the compelling message that when broken individuals make the decision to face their past, they begin to create a life of purpose and significance. One Reason to Live: A Memoir About Surviving Trauma is an irresistible story about surviving trauma and life-changing decisions.” ~ Daniel Rhodes

Read even more on the Praise for One Reason to Live page.

Reader Reviews


Rose has created a beautiful memoir. My favorite genre and she has fit right into the list of books I’d tell friends to pick up. Trauma and healing are intimate parts of one’s story and she has woven an impactful book. 

~ Kelly P., NetGalley


A beautifully written memoir that explores the complexities of grief, trauma, and healing. The author’s journey to Europe is a testament to the power of radical acceptance and self-love. The way she embraces new experiences and forms deep connections with animals is both heartwarming and uplifting. This book is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a reason to keep going.

~ Abigail L, Librarian on NetGalley


A powerful and inspiring memoir that explores the healing power of travel and animal companionship. The author’s journey to Europe is filled with adventure, culture, and new experiences that help her confront the trauma and pain of her past. The writing is raw and honest, and the author’s vulnerability is both brave and admirable. This book is a must-read for anyone who has struggled with trauma or grief and is looking for hope and inspiration.

~ Sue E., NetGalley

How to Buy It!

One Reason to Live is currently available to order in paperback for 2-day Prime delivery and pre-order on Kindle through Either way, you’ll get it on the release day (April 15, 2023) if you order today!

Through Kindle pre-sales, it already hit the #1 slot in Travel > Solo Travel on Amazon!

It also hit #1 in the Travel > Travel & Disability category! We’re off to a good start!

Get your copy today! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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