New Wave of Free Reads


It’s been years since I’ve done this, but the interest of a kind woman in the Hogwarts Running Club inspired me to do some new promotions.

Last week, I offered Rowan of the Wood free on Kindle for the week, but that promotion is over (it’s now only $2.99). You can still listen to it as an audiobook for free through the podcasts I recorded 5 years ago. The podcasts go through the first two books, Rowan of the Wood and Witch on the Water.

If you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, the chapters will be backwards because of the way they were released weekly at the beginning.

There are 5 books to the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series (be sure to add them to your Goodreads shelves!):

  1. Rowan of the Wood (Goodreads)
  2. Witch on the Water (Goodreads)
  3. Fire of the Fey (Goodreads)
  4. Power of the Zephyr (Goodreads)
  5. Spirit of the Otherworld (Goodreads)

Links to each can be found in the right sidebar of this blog or through my Amazon author page.

NickieCVR4WebTHIS WEEK, I’m offering the first book in the Nickie Nick Vampire Hunter series, The Zombies of Mesmer, for FREE on Kindle. Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on the Kindle app, available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Under O. M. Grey’s Amazon author page, you can find links to two adult Steampunk books, two teen Steampunk books, and several short stories.

Adult: Avalon Revisited and it’s sequel, of sorts Avalon Revamped (TW).

Teen: The Zombies of Mesmer (free this week), and its sequel The Ghosts of Southwark (TW).

Of the short stories, I’d recommend “The Clockwork Heart.” Written in the style of H. G. Wells, it’s likely my best, and for only $1.49 on Kindle, affordable for a lunchtime read. The short stories are all between $0.99 and $1.49, so you can read a new one each day!

Please let me know if you download the free books, and I’m always interested in your respectful feedback, even if you don’t like them.


About The Zombies of Mesmer:

Follow Nicole Knickerbocker Hawthorn (Nickie Nick) as she discovers her destiny as The Protector, a powerful vampire hunter. Ashe, a dark and mysterious stranger, helps Nickie and her friends solve the mystery behind several bizarre disappearances. Suitable for teens, enjoyed by adults, the story is full of interesting steampunk gadgets, mad scientists, bloodthirsty vampires, and mesmerized zombies. This paranormal adventure is sure to appeal to fans of Boneshaker, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Vampire Diaries.

A few review excerpts for Rowan of the Wood:

“I found Rowan of the Wood to be an imaginative and fun read with a fairy tale flavor to it that will appeal to old and young alike.” –Midwest Book Review

“The overall story is very good, the characters are believable, and the situation is bleak. Lovers of magic and fantasy set in the real world would do well to check this book out. A solid tale of magic, love, betrayal, and loss, Rowan of the Wood is well-inspired and lovingly written.” –Nothing Binding book reviews

“This is a great addition to the wizarding world. You ll find yourself reading it in a day because you won t want to put it down.” –Austin Monthly magazine

For a (near) complete list of my published works, including poetry, please click here.

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