Turning Techy

PowerMax SasquatchThe title of this piece is an homage to my friend Jane in London who is one of the people that inspired me to take the tech path. TurningTechy is her Twitter handle, and I love it. After Jane’s initial inspiration last year when she excitedly spoke about her Day of Code workshop, many other things began to fall into place. I became aware of other women in tech. Friends in Colorado, friends in Portland, a growing online presence through places like Girl Develop It, Girls Who Code, and #WomenInTech, so I decided to take the plunge myself. After all, I have lots of experience in tech, turns out. Sweet!

I started to learn to code via Khan Academy, Codecademy, and Treehouse. Obama came out with his TechHire initiative, working with businesses and communities to get people trained for the growing need in technology, especially women over forty like me. One of the twenty communities participating is Portland, of course, because PDX is just that awesome. I got a job on a SAT (Server Analyst Team) at a community college. I got a better job with a tech company in Greater Portland.


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