Emerging Author Spotlight: Joe Bertalmio

This week’s Emerging Author Spotlight is on Joe Bertalimio and his short story “Finding Utopia” in celebration of Short Story Month 2011 (#ssm2011)

Often mistaken for a professional bodybuilder, and with pythons like that it’s easy to see why, Joseph Bertalmio is actually a professional crap-novelist.  Well…technically he’s not a professional because he doesn’t make any real money off of it.  But he does profess to be a crap-novelist.  So I guess he’s more like a Professor of Crap-Novels.  Regardless of semantics, because it’d be a shame if they were to weigh down his biography, Joseph Bertalmio has spun a crap-zombie-novel, a crap-vampire-novel, and most recently a crap-hitchhiking-novel.  In his downtime, he enjoys dropping crap-blogs.  They’re pretty stinky. (from his website)

Connect with Joe on Twitter and on his website/blog The Zen of Dave and meet Dave (@TheZenOfDave) and The Other Dave while there, also writers. Find The Zen of Dave on Facebook as well.

For today’s classic short story, I bring you “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.

This is one of those that I read in High School, and it affected me so deeply, I still carry it 25 years later. I also teach this story every semester at Austin Community College.

Shirley Jackson. (born Dec. 14, 1919, San Francisco, Calif., U.S.—died Aug. 8, 1965, North Bennington, Vt.) U.S. novelist and short-story writer. She is best known for her story “The Lottery” (1948), a chilling tale that provoked outrage when first published, and The Haunting of Hill House (1959; film, 1963, 1999). These and her other five novels, including We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1962), confirmed her reputation as a master of Gothic horror and psychological suspense. (from Biography.com)

To participate in the Short Story Month 2011 celebration on Twitter, please use the hashtag #ssm2011


Share your thoughts on “Finding Utopia” below. Let’s talk.

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