My Dangerous Heart

Beware! Oh, beware!
My dangerous heart
Its treachery knows no boundary
Forever alone
Forever apart
It killed the love that had found me.

True interest remains
As long as you stay
Far, far and away from it
For when you get close
It swallows you whole
Trapped in its cavernous pit.

Impressive and smart
Romantic and real
It’s bright and light and true
But beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
If my eye doth fall on you.

For then you shall see
My dangerous heart
Will clutch you within its vice
I’m telling you now
To please stay away
You interest’s not worth the price.

Like the siren’s song
It pulls you along
Promising beauty and trust
But beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
Will squeeze you until you’re dust.

So please heed my words
And run for the hills
Please save yourself while you can
My dangerous heart
Will tear you apart
Though love is its only plan.

So sad and alone
It yearns to be known
And really does try its best
But soon will be clear
My dangerous heart
Will destroy you like the rest.

It’s something so dark
So damaged and bruised
An emotional black hole
Thus beware! Beware!
My dangerous heart
Or it will consume your soul.


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  1. ‘Your ‘ Dangerous Heart is actually beautiful. Loved this writing! :))

    1. Thank you. Your words really touched me. ❤️

  2. laurapreble says:

    Sounds a lot like a song lyric to an old Irish ballad. I think you should use it in your next book…in other news…you write beautifully and I’m sorry and don’t despair.

    1. Love to you. xo

    2. Also LOVE the idea of using it in a book like an old Irish ballad. Would’ve been perfect for the Rowan series perhaps, especially because of what happened to Fiana. . . hmmmmm. We’ll see!

  3. As I have said before, you are a marvel. Your heart has such gravity because of its enormity, not because it’s a singularity. It is singular, not a singularity. Just because there are those unworthy to bear the weight of your affections, it does not mean that your love is unbearable. Not everyone can fly a fighter jet or successfully save a life with a scalpel. Nothing worthwhile is every easy, and you are worth all.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Carlos. I really like your analogies. They spoke to me, and the sentiment throughout touched me as well.

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