I Forgot to Live

I wrote this poem in Wordsworth’s Garden only a day after going to the hospital due to stress at work and loss of a support structure. Being out in the Lake District reminded me how much I had missed while working so much, which this week felt all for naught.


“I Forgot to Live”

Friends I found, then friends I lost
All in six short weeks
I cherished every day with them
Our band of merry geeks

Inspired to help, inspired to build
Together we worked as a team
Long days and nights I did toil
To realize our dream

Rebuilt, renewed efficiency
Things were looking up
Until one day things all changed
I had run out of luck

Then my worth was questioned
Then it was I to blame
Now I might not have a place
I hung my head in shame

I worked so hard and worked so long
To improve this company
From dawn till dusk and onward toiled
Doing my best to please.

Then one day it wasn’t enough
My worth has been reduced
My only choice is to work as hard,
For half, or be cut loose

So little to lose for oh, so long
And then I had so much
I held too tightly and now it’s gone
Away slipped from my clutch.

Perhaps it’s best this newfound loss
I had no more to give
Because I stared at that screen so much
That I forgot to live.


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