eBook & eReader Sales (Podcast)

eBooks sales have surpassed both paperback and hardback combined. eReader sales are increasing, and with the new low-priced Kindle (with some bloggers predicting they’ll soon be free), eBooks are the emerging authors greatest chance to find new readers.

Publishing & Marketing Realities: Episode 19 – eBook & eReader Sales.

Original Blog Posts: Percentage of eReaders vs. Print & eBook Sales Top Everything.

Read more about the book, Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author.

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  1. Reblogged this on Catherine Converse and commented:
    Some people still like it old school, showcasing that lovely hardback on a bookshelf or flipping the pages of that paperback in their hands (I admit I still do, even though my Kindle usually wins), but on the business side of publishing world, the print book might have put up a good fight.

    1. christinerose says:

      As do I for those extra special books. I have my collection of old books dating back to the 1800s, nonfiction books I read and annotate for research, and fiction books that I read in various places on various readers: kindle, iPad, iPhone…I always have something with me that way.

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