Amazon Payments

Last week when I was setting up O. M. Grey’s kickstarter program, I learned about Amazon Payments. Seeing as how I’m such a huge supporter of and everything they do, I was quite surprised I hadn’t heard of Amazon Payments before.

PayPal has been my online method of choice for fifteen years. I’ve been so happy with PayPal, that I just haven’t looked further. But now there is Google Checkout and Amazon Payments as well. Amazon, which is a leader in technology and online commerce, much in the way that Apple is, usually is the first to do something, but this time it’s Amazon who’s playing catch-up to PayPal.

There is a great comparison here, and the article does a great comparison of the three. Amazon has made their fees identical to PayPal, which was smart. They certainly shouldn’t have been more.

It likely just comes down to personal preference when deciding which to use for most of your business transactions, unless, of course, you do a Kickstarter Campaign, then you have to use Amazon Payments.

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  1. zencherry says:

    Your articles are always so informative! Thanks for this one. I hadn’t heard of Amazon payments and now will look into it as a viable alternative. 🙂

    1. christinerose says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m so pleased you find the articles helpful. I hadn’t heard of them before either. Amazon just keeps doing more and more.

  2. Amazon is ok but I still don’t like having someone else control my money before I get it. I was looking into inexpensive merchant accounts and I found Merchant Inc and they work perfectly. Unless you’re on Kickstarter 🙂

    1. christinerose says:

      Agreed. I only use them for Kickstarter. Otherwise, I use PayPal. Been with PayPal for nearly twenty years now. Wow. Well, okay, more like 15, but still!

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