Resurrecting Avalon Revamped

“Every once in a while I get the opportunity to read a piece of work that makes me think, ‘This is the one the will put this author on the map of the reading world.’ Avalon Revamped is that book for O. M. Grey. It deals with some horrific truths and should be read by every person on the planet. It is a great adventure, with serious underpinnings that elevate it into a higher realm of genre literature.” ~ C. L. Stegall, author of The Blood of Others

Although Avalon Revamped was written and published back in 2013, it’s as relevant as ever in this age of #MeToo. I wrote this in the aftermath of rape and sexual assault. It was cathartic for me to write about a powerful succubus whose raison d’être was to punish sexual predators and deliver justice for their victims.

I call this a “sequel of sorts” to the Amazon Gothic Romance Bestseller Avalon Revisited because it has some of the same characters and is set in the same world, but the tone and scope is quite different. The two books represent my personal evolving perception of sexuality and sexual violence.

For many years I didn’t promote this book because on one had I was barely functional in the aftermath of my rape and on the other I felt a lot of shame that I wrote about sexual assault…five years before #MeToo.

Women were not believed. Not supported.
Survivors were systematically silenced. Blamed. Shamed.

In the subsequent years I would lose everything because of the assaults, including my identity, my writing career, my sexuality, and my husband.
Perhaps now in this time of #MeToo, I can once again be proud of my work.

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