It’s A Magnificent Life

It’s been like two months since I posted. I know…but I have a good excuse!

I’ve been traveling and living so fully (most of that time). In no particular order, here are just a few things I’ve done in the past nine weeks instead of posting blogs, in pictures:

Sea Kayaking by the Isle of Skye

I’ve stood in the footsteps of Scottish Kings in Kilmartin.

This is Dunadd, an Iron Age hill fort where several kings stood in a coronation celebration until at least the 8th or 9th centuries. This is the Footprint of Fealty, where they actually stood to look over their kingdom. There are Pictish symbols and Ogham writing on this rock as well, so I’m also following the footsteps of Rowan.

Saw the magical puffins on the Isle of Staffa…and time stood still.

Took a very quick dip in the icy waters of the Fairy Pools on Skye.

Cantered along the hills and lakes of the Isle of Mull and Loch Lomond. Climbed Ben Lomond and beheld the glory of Glencoe. Hiked through the heather. Visited the Glenfinnan Viaduct and Loch Sheil (Black Lake behind Hogwarts). Beheld the great Kelpies of Falkirk. Seen some of the most glorious places on earth.

Had the privilege of seeing Ralph Fiennes as Richard III in the West End.

I’ve been to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross and walked through the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Drank Butterbeer and even ate some Butterbeer Ice Cream (which is the greatest thing ever!)

Stayed in a posh hotel on the South Bank of the Thames overlooking The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben’s song serenaded me to sleep and gently woke me each morning.

Visited ancient stone circles and 5000-year-old burial cairns in Kilmartin.

Learned how to wash, spin, and felt wool….and pedaled a giant loom to make tweed in the Hebrides (Skye).

Saw London from the top of the London Eye. Kinky Boots in the West End. Cared for horses and dogs and cats and even a donkey since leaving Lancaster & my buddy Stinkki & the ladies there.

Today, I learned how to shoot an arrow from the back of a galloping horse at The Centre for Horseback Combat just north of London.

I’ve been truly living, and it’s been magnificent.

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  1. laurapreble says:

    What an adventure!!! Truly inspiring. Maybe that’s your book.

    1. That’s what it’s mostly about! Perhaps I’ll get back to it for those revisions in Albany. x

  2. CL Stegall says:

    This is brilliant! I’m SO happy you’re enjoying yourself and living it up right!

    1. Thank you! It was a very good day today. I’m heartbroken I have to leave next week, but I’m determined to find a way back to stay longer again.

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