A Life of Beauty,

Morecambe Bay

A Life of Beauty is the tentative title of my current WIP. You will now see a little counter in my side bar underneath my short bio. Here you can follow along with my progress on my latest book. It is part memoir, part travel log, and part a journey of recovery. It will have a short background over the last few years, but the bulk of it will be my experiences (the good, bad, and ugly) since I left the United States last October. It will chronicle my travels, my interactions with people, and my evolving recovery.

Several fans and followers have nudged me to writing about this adventure, and I finally have found the inspiration to begin. As I type these words, I am already 17,000 words into a 90,000-word book. I will have a first draft completed by the time I leave Lancaster at the end of June.

I have an email out to my former agent, giving her the courtesy of a first look, as we had agreed when we parted three years ago, and I have a list of other agents to start researching in preparation for a query.

So far I am pleased with the progress, and I much prefer writing nonfiction fiction. I’ve known this for a while, as I enjoy blogging about real things. Hopefully the finished book will be of some interest to readers.

May you all find peace.

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