The Daily Rose Podcast

Since I found satisfaction in creating my mini-documentary about The Revolution in Portland, I’ve decided to start a regular podcast for political and social commentary, especially leading up to this election. It’s perhaps the most important election since The Revolutionary War.

Creating that video helped me feel like I was doing something in the face of the encroaching fascism, dangerous rhetoric, and harmful propaganda flying around the airwave and in cyberspace. It was a lot of work, though. 40 hours of editing in 5 days. It was like having a second full-time job. Too much work for minimal reach and recompense. Still, there is so so so much to say during these scary times. This is why I think a short podcast will work better for me.

First, it will bring that satisfaction that I’m doing something—anything—in the face of fascism, misinformation, and outright lies. It also soothes my constant anxiety over our uncertain future to offer my voice against the dangerous rhetoric perpetuated by the alt-right and our sociopathic president. It fulfills my sense of civic duty.

This pandemic has taken its toll on pretty much everyone. After six months of barely leaving the house, the days run together, and I’ve lost all sense of time. Additionally, the revolution in the streets of America (especially Portland), the increasing police violence, and the lack of public support weigh heavily on me. Finally, climate change has brought a slew of wildfires down the entire West Coast, so Portland is surrounded by flames. The sky has been orange for the past five days, and the air quality is so bad that we’ve had to wear face masks indoors.

It feels like the end of days, so sharing my voice and thoughts are even more important, if it even reaches a single person and helps them feel like they’re not alone, it will be will be even more valuable than what I’m getting from it.

Yesterday I recorded my first episode after setting up a makeshift podcast studio. If I keep going with it, I’ll get some better equipment, but for now, this works just fine.

Please visit my new podcast’s website at It is also available on Apple and Spotify podcast if you’d like to subscribe!

May you all find peace.

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