Book Review: The Sail Weaver

The Sail Weaver is a delightful, magical journey through space with talking dragons and assassination plots. Tristan, the protagonist and head of The Sail Weaver Guild, takes his first cruise out into space to see his sails at work. Woven with magic, these enormous sails enable ships to sail through the winds of space. People called Air Weavers will weave an atmosphere in case of emergency sail failure.

The Guild and Dragon Corps are closely linked and highly support each other, while the Navy is in opposition with them both. It creates a fair amount of great conflict throughout the book. Throw in pirates and vermin, and Tristan is kept very busy just trying to stay alive!

Superbly written with inspired prose and an intricate plot, Muffy Morrigan delivers a magical fantasy full of action, intrigue, and adventure. Thick with descriptions and expert world-building, it will keep you entertained for days.

My favorite quote:

“Leave it to Thom to just walk onboard like he owns the place and blow it up. And after I spent hours of scheming.” The dragon sighed. “Hours and hours of quality scheming gone to waste.”

I LOL’d. Seriously. Very Whedonesque, me thinks. Great stuff!

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I give it 5/5 bookworms:

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