5 Ways to Get Noticed and Earn a Full-Time Writing Job

Once you’ve found your calling, it’s difficult to devote yourself to a job in an unrelated field. However, as you’re working on perfecting your manuscript, it’s still necessary to earn an income and support yourself in the meantime. Luckily, there are ways to work towards refining your writing skills and make money doing so.
Developing your portfolio and showing potential employers your value as a writer is paramount to entering the field and positioning yourself above some steep competition. Because it’s not an easy task to cultivate your selection of samples, I’ve put together a list of the five ways I was able to build my resume and earn the opportunity to align my work with my passion.

I am excited to share my experience here with Christine Rose’s readers! I hope that these suggestions will help you to grow as a writer and find employment doing what you love!

Read the five tips here: https://www.ecollegefinder.org/pdfs/ecf_5wayswritingjob.pdf


About the author: Brittany Behrman began her writing career prior to college graduation reporting for her school’s newspaper and contributing to two sponsored blogs. Since earning her B.A. at Rutgers University in Journalism and Media Studies in 2009, she has spent the majority of her time freelancing and bouncing around the job market. In her tireless search for a writing position, she perfected these five tips and is now approaching her one year anniversary writing full-time for the Performance Marketing Agency, DMi Partners, and an education portal for online colleges, eCollegeFinder.org.

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