Choosing a Publishing Path

There are more publishing choices available to authors now than ever before. NY. Traditional. eBook. CreateSpace. POD. Self-Publish. Vanity. Etc. This is both wonderful and rather overwhelming. For me, when there are too many choices, I have a harder time making a decision. Perhaps that’s because I have a higher chance of making the wrong one.

For today’s emerging author there are four basic publishing choices, and the one that will prove best for you depends on your goals, time, and budget:

  1. New York Big Boy
  2. Independent Publishing
  3. “Self-Publishing”
  4. Vanity/Subsidy Press

That said, there are many sub-choices under those, especially if you choose to self-publish. Then you must decide whether to publish straight to eBook only or do both print and eBook, which is rather more expensive. At this time, I would not recommend publishing only to print and leaving the eBook behind because eBooks sell better for most independent and/or self-published authors.

As to which one of these four choices are best for you, that will all depend on your personal goals and timeline. In my book Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author, I cover each of these four choices extensively and provide a pro/con list for each to help the emerging author decide the best path for them.

The blog posts that were the basis for that part of the book were reposted here back in February when I created this blog. You can read more about them there: Publishing Choices.

Remember, there is not one path that will work for all authors. Look closely at your energy level, your budget, and your goals and do your research before you commit to a publishing path, because it’s a long road once you get on it.


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