See Animals by the Sea

Today I wrote a homonym poem. 🙂

Oh how I would like to see
Some animals by the sea!
I could ride a burro across the land
And watch a crab burrow in the sand.

I would pause to watch some dogs
And wipe off their sandy paws!
I’d boop their nose,‘cause everyone knows
A dog has a boopable nose!

There are others I can see
These animals by the sea
Look over there! A hare with long hair!
A doe eating dough! A crow flying low!
And a ewe that reminds me of you!

Oh such beautiful songs I can hear
All these animals singing here!
Stretched as far as the eye can see
This menagerie by the sea!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. laurapreble says:

    Hey! I tried to LIKE your poem, but got caught in the sign-in loop. Very cool! I hope you’re doing well…are you in England still? I’m leaving Monday for Seattle for a week-long visit with friends, and am really looking forward to getting away from home!! It’s been more than 2 years…and I’m ready for a break! Laura lpreble


    1. christinerose says:

      That’s so annoying! I’m glad you liked it even if you couldn’t LIKE it. ☺️

      I’m still in London and loving it! Hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle. If it had been next month, I would’ve driven up to see you.

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