Third Term Threat

The Daily Rose Podcast, Episode 6: Third Term Threat
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Not much surprises me anymore. When someone accuses yet another rich usually white man of sexual assault or some kind of sexual predation, I’m not surprised. People with power and privilege are used to getting away with anything they want. They usually do. When Trump said he doesn’t even ask he just grabs him by the pussy, he knew he could get away with it. He knows he can sexually assault people, multiple people, and he will never pay the price for that. 

Trump has spent his entire life as a rich, privileged, narcissistic sociopath. He does what he wants. He has zero remorse, zero compassion, and he faces zero consequences. In fact, I think the reason he has the number of followers he does is because they want to be him. These people who are often uneducated and in a lower income bracket, are tired of the world kicking the shit out of them.

I’m currently reading Cohen’s book Disloyal, and it’s very interesting as well as infuriating. It’s infuriating because this man was so wrapped up in the power and the glow of that power from Trump, he did horrific things as well as cover them up. To give him a tiny bit of credit, he doesn’t admit this now. 

In the book, he talks about Trump’s plot to be president and how he repeatedly lied to seduce the GOP. He adopted the GOPs core issues, like the stance on abortion, gun control, and such, where he doesn’t believe (or really care) about any of it. So much of this goal for the presidency was based in his hatred for Obama, which wasn’t completely without racial motive.

Now he’s president. First term is almost up, and he’s talking about how he might not accept the results of the election and how he’s going to negotiate for a third term. Now this man Michael Cohen, who was closer to Trump than anyone for years, says that Trump’s comments should not be disregarded as humor, instead asserting that Trump believes he should be the “ruler” or “dictator” of the U.S. and wants to “change the Constitution.” (Forbes) He predicts that if Trump were to win re-election, from the first day, he will be trying to find ways to change the constitution to allow a third and even fourth term. Once he has power, he doesn’t let it go, and this is very clear in Cohen’s book, not to mention in all of Trump’s behavior. 

This is if he “wins” the election, which will be suspect itself, as he has repeatedly said he might not accept the results and great political minds like Noam Chomsky are speaking out about the danger our democracy is facing. Trump continues to sow seeds of doubt about the validity of the upcoming election while also taking steps to undermine it, like with what he’s doing with the USPS. 

As most narcissists and pretty much all sociopaths, Trump is a master manipulator. You give them that kind of power, and they are extremely dangerous, as we have seen with Donald Trump. He has undercut our constitution repeatedly in these past four years. I am astounded at how the media has let him get away with so very much. Until very recently, they did not call him out on his lies. They did not stand up to him out of fear of losing their jobs as so many have when Trump shouts “You’re Fired,” either literally or metaphorically. Finally the press have started to stand up to him and call him out on his lies and misinformation. 

Recently they’ve even started to use words like “fascism,” “dictator,” “sociopath,” and a “threat to our democracy,” for which I’m very glad because these are accurate words for the situation.

Still, his followers are either blinded by this power and celebrity or they choose to stay willfully ignorant. How can they? I mean, seriously. How can people who are faced with literal, written/recorded proof that Trump said the exact opposite earlier make excuses for him and still trust him? I do not understand. 

I like to try and understand situations and people. I read so many articles to learn what’s happening or a different perspective / explanation so I can better understand people in general or even a certain type of person. Trump supporters, however, seem to believe everything that comes out of his mouth, despite the absolute lack of proof or (worse) evidence to show the exact opposite is reality. 

We’re at war with Eurasia. We’ve always been at war with Eurasia. 

It’s as if he’s using 1984 as an operational manual, and his followers follow suit. Down the memory hole. What he says is the truth, and it doesn’t matter what documented (often video/audio) evidence exists or what their very own memory tells them. 

Trump’s apparent plan to turn the USA into a literal fascist state, continues. Last week, he said he will negotiate a third term because he’s entitled to it. His first one doesn’t count because of the way he was treated. Forbes reports, “The comments echo ones Trump made during a rally in Wisconsin in August, in which he stated he would win four more years and “go for another four years” because “they spied on my campaign,” likely referencing his unproven “Obamagate” theory.”

If he’s voted out and actually leaves, which is a very big IF at the moment, what do we need to change our constitution to make sure this never happens again in the future?. Maybe repercussions? Like if a president tries to stay in power after losing the election. Perhaps brought up on traitor charges? Perhaps all applicants for president need to have a process to show they’re competent and intelligent enough to run the most powerful nation on earth before they can even run for president. Go through a psych eval, and I’m saying that as someone who lives with mental illness and psychiatric injury. I’m capable and intelligent, but there’s no way I could handle the stress of the presidency. Perhaps there should be a public vetting process where they are investigated for criminal activity and other problematic behavior, including releasing their tax returns before they can even apply to run for president. Never thought I’d have to suggest any of these things—especially the next one: There needs to be a test that they must pass for general knowledge about governing, The Constitution, and foreign affairs. (Thanks to Bells for some of these thoughts!)

And now he’s joking about signing an executive order to keep Biden from being President. Or is it a joke? Just saying so is quite dictatorial, and at this point it doesn’t matter if he was “joking.” So many instances of other rhetoric and actions prove that he’s not, even if he’s trying to pass it off as a joke. 

When will he be close enough to a dictator for you to take action? Any action at all other than saying, “Well it’s a shame” or “I can’t believe it’s come to this.” There are people in the streets. Join them. If you can’t, donate to BLM and the Biden/Harris campaign. If you can’t afford it, volunteer for their campaign or your local progressive politicians’. If you don’t have that time, write letters and boost the signal on social media. You can do something. Anything. Please.

Americans are slowly boiling alive here.

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