Armed Militia Checkpoints

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The Daily Rose Podcast, Episode 3: Armed Militia Checkpoints
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The fires rage all along the west coast, including around Portland. The city is filled with smoke and ash that has blocked out the sun. Last night, the AQI was around 430: hazardous. My partner and I are fortunate enough to live in Multnomah Co, so we have no evacuation orders as of yet. The same isn’t true for the suburbs and especially the rural areas around Portland. 

As if the fires leaving behind destroyed homes, charred forests, and death in their wakes weren’t a frightening enough addition to this apocalyptic year, there are literally armed militia insinuating themselves into policing evacuations, specifically looking for “antifa.” They believe and are spreading their conspiracy theory that Antifa has been starting these fires. 

The Oregonian reported that a Clackamas County Deputy Mark Nikolai has been put on leave after a video of him blaming Antifa went viral. “The deputy’s remarks seemed to give credence to the idea that anti-fascists were causing havoc and possibly setting fires, unfounded rumors strenuously debunked by law enforcement.”

Nikolai said, “Antifa motherf—–s are out causing hell,” … “There’s a lot of lives at stake and there’s a lot of people’s property at stake because these guys got some vendetta.”  Then he calls for “public help,” and so the MAGA Militia answered his call.

So terrified people who are trying to get away from the fires are stopped by armed militia members and questioned to see if they are “Antifa.” A few independent journalists I became familiar with from the Portland Protests were stopped and harassed by these MAGA militia members. The militia swore that since they were filming and documenting what was happening, that they must be Antifa. 

Once again “ANTIFA” means anti-fascist. It is not an organization. It’s a political stance, one that I’m shocked (in 2020) that everyone doesn’t take. Sadly, it’s become all too clear there are plenty of people who are pro-fascism and white supremacy is on the rise…but I digress…

If an armed militia wasn’t bad enough, another viral video shows the same deputy Nikolai instructing these vigilantes how to stay out of trouble by giving them tips on how to avoid legal trouble and how to shoot to kill.

1:15: “You have to prove there was a serious physical injury or death, now you throw a fucking knife in their hand after you shoot them, that’s on you.” …. “I’m on your side.”

Clackamas County Sheriff”s office downplayed the first video and has refused to comment on the second, where Nikolai coaches the vigilantes in murder. Both of these videos are linked to and also embedded in the show notes. 

All this is even worse now that Trump said the US Marshals killing someone during an arrest (without an actual arrest) is “the way it has to be” and “retribution.” …Just like Michael Reinoehl, as mentioned in the last episode.

Back briefly to Antifa and the BLM protesters who broke their 104-night streak last week due to the fires and air quality. So you all know, they didn’t just disappear. Some have been out protesting a night or two in the last week, and others have set up a “Mutual Aid” station giving out food and clothes for those fleeing from the fires. Still others are setting up housing for the displaced and even rescuing animals and livestock from fire areas.

Let’s take a moment with that: 

The MAGA militia / alt-right are armed, harassing and terrorizing evacuees

The “Antifa” and BLM / progressive side are out comforting, feeding, clothing, and providing shelter for the evacuees. 

…and which of these two groups do the police protect?
Which of them are brutalized night after night?

Think about this for a while….

Mutual Aid Station (Twitter thread)
Oregonian: Rumors about antifa wildfires are false
Oregonian: Clackamas Co Deputy Put on Leave for Blaming Antifa
Video: Deputy suggesting Antifa is putting lives at risk
Video: Nikolai coaches vigilantes on murder

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