Carnism & Covering Up COVID-19

CW: pandemic, political anxieties, societal collapse, animal cruelty


I woke up this morning relatively rested, but soon thereafter heard the news that the USA and UK are going to beat COVID-19 by just not reporting the numbers. They’re getting too high, and that doesn’t fit with their plans to re-open the country. First, the numbers we have (nearly 1.5m in the USA and over 80k dead) aren’t accurate because we still don’t have adequate testing. Over two months in, and they’re still not testing more than 200k people nationwide. They were only testing 40 people a day in all of Oregon, and now there seems to be conflicting data on the OHA website. This page says the capacity to test 3,150 a day, but this page shows only 30 tests were delivered on May 11, 2020 with only 1 result released. I don’t understand.

It’s no wonder Oregon still has less than 3.5k confirmed cases.

Now that meat packers have been designated as “essential workers,” which angers me to no fucking end, they’re filling the openings quickly as hundreds leave infected. Those workers are apparently as disposable as the thousands of sentient beings tortured and murdered in the factory farming industry each day.

I guess people getting their fucking bacon and burgers are more important than public safety—because, as we all know—there’s nothing else to eat. You know, like vegetables, fruits, grains…or even plant-based meats. They’d starve if we didn’t keep murdering animals at the tune of 55 BILLION a year for the USA food supply alone all while putting humans in a petrie dish to package the animals’ carcasses into neat, dyed packaging, so the public doesn’t have to be reminded a sentient being was brutally murdered after a life of agony the likes most of us will never know. Especially since “American consumers throw away 21.7% of the meat they purchase–needlessly killing billions of animals.”

All for a few minutes of sensory delight over dinner.

IMAGE SOURCE: “Calling for Overhaul of Nation’s Food System, New Campaign Seeks Ban on Factory Farms”

Let’s look at the role meat markets / factory farming has played in this pandemic:
1. It is believed to have started because of an open-air animal market where the virus jumped from animal to human, all because people have to have their “exotic” meat as part of their holiday for bragging rights. “It was so cool dude! I ate a bat! (dog, scorpion, rhino, insert-other-animal-here) Wicked!” (of course, maybe it wasn’t that at all, but rather because of the conditions in factory farms)
2. COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire through meat-packaging plants because the workers there apparently have only slightly more meaning than the animals the industry murders. Didn’t you get the memo? It’s about the bottom line, folks. Fuck poor people. Fuck animals. They’re there for our consumption and convenience. Their deaths are worth my unfettered access to bacon and burgers.</sarcasm>
3. Due to the reduced ability to process meat fast enough through shutdowns and employee infections, factory farms have hundreds and thousands of animals they can’t sell for slaughter, but they also can’t keep them alive because they’d get too fat to be slaughtered later (as these animals are bred and fed to gain weight as quickly as possible to maximize profit). So what are they doing? “Euthanizing” them (read: murdering) and burying them in a mass grave (at the tune of up to 10k a day, some fear up to 700k). Yes they are. Born, ripped from their mothers, raised in deplorable conditions, brutalized… all to be mass murdered and discarded like trash. …but OMG how devastating for the hog farmers!

Fuck, I’m angry.

Bryan Adams told the truth, but it offended carnists around the world because how DARE anyone blame their dietary choices for this pandemic. His rant was clearly a shot at the world’s obsession with eating meat at any cost and not at all cultural or racial in intent: (Thanks to) “bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy b***ards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus….My message to them other than ‘thanks a f***ing lot’ is go vegan.” Clearly, clearly commentary on carnism at any cost and this incessant disregard for non-human animal life contributing to this (and other) global pandemic and subsequent shutdown.

And it’s not just COVID-19. Factory farming has also been linked to the “Swine Flu” and “Bird Flu.” This must stop.

But damn if anyone tries to take away my bacon!
Them’s fighting’ words. This means war!

I’ve said from the beginning that I thought the government was purposely hiding the real numbers, and that’s why testing has been such a problem. They don’t want to test, because if they did, all states would show the kind of numbers we were seeing in NYC and NJ.

Image Source: “Leader of North Carolina group protesting lockdowns reportedly tests positive for COVID-19”

Agression is escalating.
—Yesterday in Van Nuys, CA, Two Target customers who refused to wear a mask broke an employee’s arm during a fight.
—On Mother’s Day, anger and aggression exploded from customers (also not wearing masks) at a PA Red Lobster (because, you know, it’s essential to celebrate your mother by boiling an animal alive).
—Last week, an ice cream parlor in MA closed due to verbal abuse and aggression from their customers for not getting their ice cream fast enough.The possibility of more riots are escalating, as there have already been some.

Our populace is on the verge of breaking under the stress of getting furloughed, not being able to pay their bills, and dealing with a greatly increased level of depression/anxiety/uncertainty. Not to mention concern over our leaders, and I use that term very loosely, and the direction this country is taking with this administration. They seem to be using 1984 as a guide.

This Captain Awkward response nails it, although answering a specific letter, the response is relevant to all of us. “How does one plan a bright, fulfilling future under a fascist, corrupt, authoritarian state amid a global pandemic?”

Another great response by Jezabel’s Brandy Jenson speaks to the emotional state of our nation, too:

That these are sad times and it feels bad to live in them is hardly insightful, but lately I’ve been wondering if it’s not so much the sadness but the sameness. Watching wicked people prosper over and over, having the same conversations about powerful men and the consequences they will never face, witnessing suffering that was easily anticipated and avoided, asking again and again what can be done about it and being told again and again, essentially, “nothing.”

~Brandy Jenson, Jezabel

We feel isolated. We feel hopeless. We feel helpless, too.
We want to do something, but what can be done?



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  1. jcsumm0 says:

    Click to access COVID-19-Weekly-Report-2020-05-19-FINAL.pdf

    Rest assured that they are testing thousands of people a day in Oregon, not 40

    1. That’s good to know.

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