Potions Party Website

Cauldron Cake Pops

So…. two months ago I posted a blog on Advanced Potions, promising a continuation of the party soon. Obviously, I never got around to writing that continuation post, but there are so many cool things to show you!

Thankfully, Brian has made an entire website showing off what we did for this awesome party, from the technology to the food and art/crafts! He wrote a blog post on it today, or you can go straight to the Potions Party Website to see all the magical things, including potion cabinets that open with a magic wand and moving Azkaban Prison posters.

It’s an 5-minute loop, so feel free to jump around.
My wanted poster starts around 2:45.
See how it looked in Brian’s digital frame, slow and creepy!

Since I did promise pictures of the yummy food, here are some from the party, courtesy of my colleague Brianna. See a video of the full, decadent spread in The Great Hall section of Brian’s website.

Smoking Cauldron Centerpiece
A Feast Fit for Hogwarts
Including Mummy (Vegan) Dogs and a Mummy Cheese Log (both pictured), as well as Pumpkin Pasties, Mini Yorkshire Puddings, Basilisk Cinnamon Rolls, Skull Cakes, Licorice Wands, and more. Check out the Potions Party Website in The Great Hall!
Floating Jack O’Lanterns in The Great Hall
My Dementor in the Forbidden Forest.
The Muggle entrance with the silhouette of Hogwarts

Find so much more on Brian’s Potions Party Website, including Cornish Pixies captured in a jar and the working Magic Wands!

So much to see!! Head on over and explore!

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