Valhalla Renaissance Faire

Rowan as Green Man
Rowan as Green Man


Ethan and I have the great joy of being part of the 22nd Annual Valhalla Renaissance Faire this year in South Lake Tahoe. We’ve been trying to get into this faire for years, so we’re super excited about it.

Look for our booth, then come in and say hello! We’ll be doing live demonstrations of wood carvings (Ethan will be carving magic wands) and woodcut printmaking from a Green Man I carved. Also, find the complete set of the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series, all of O. M. Grey’s books, and books by Triscelle Publishing and Robert Stickmanz. Plus, magic wands, Scottish spurtles, fine art (including the big Rowan as Green Man painting, left), and fun little amigurumi crocheted goodies like octopus clips, baby Cthulhus, and voodoo dolls.

So if you’re in the Tahoe/Reno/Sacramento area, consider reveling in the joy of the Renaissance this weekend and/or next at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire! If you mention this post, you will get Witch on the Water FREE when you buy a copy of Rowan of the Wood.

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