Be Heathy & Save Money, The Easy Way

It was a great day when I discovered Lindsay and Happy Herbivore. For those of you who follow me here or on Facebook, you know I’ve been struggling with some health and digestive issues. Since doctors keep dismissing my symptoms as “all in my head,” even though the lab results are suspect, I’ve had to take a lot of my health into my own hands.

Much to my horror, I realized my husband and I (yes, just the two of us) were spending nearly $800/month on groceries and supplements! We’re far from rich people, so this is far from okay! It’s absurd. Even though we eat mostly organic and mostly fresh, $800 is ridiculously high. We were going to the grocery store 2 or 3 (sometimes 4!) times a week. We’d find ourselves cooking up wilting kale or other greens before they went bad. We ate well, but I still usually felt hungry (part of the digestive problems).

The HCL and enzymes helped with some of the GI issues, but slowly they crept back. The supplements given to me by the very expensive naturopath made me put on 5 lbs (thankfully not more), and I haven’t been able to take if off since, no matter how much I limited calories or increased exercise. Yes, thyroid problems, as well. Although the elimination diet helped me uncover some food intolerances that went a long way in improving my mood stability and minimizing both the dark times and the GI issues, the other diets I tried just increased anxiety. I’ve stopped all supplements except 5HTP every other day and sporadic digestive aids.

Regardless, I digress. Certainly all my digestive and hormonal problems haven’t magically gone away since I’ve discovered Happy Herbivore’s, but our obscene grocery bill has been cut in half. IN HALF. Plus, I no longer obsess about the number of calories I take in each day and I’ve stopped running (I still walk and hike when I can), as it was really hurting my joints. I’m happier, more at peace, and healthier overall.

All thanks to the meal plans.

Although these aren’t geared for weight loss, few pounds have come off, and if I can stay away from chocolate and mochas (FAT CHANCE), I’m sure to lose the extra 5-10 I put on over the past year. If not, no worries, I’m still thinner than I’ve been for most my adult life. Plus, I’m content and happy much more of the time, and that’s what it’s all about.

I urge you to check out Happy Herbivore’s Meal Plans whether or not you’re a vegan or even a vegetarian. They can be modified to fit your diet (although I also strongly urge you to cut meat out of your diet for your own health, for the animals, and for the planet). They give you a shopping list each week with exactly what you’ll need for your planned menu (also provided). Lindsay also directs you how to make a week’s worth of meals in a few hours for you busy professionals out there. You can either get individual plans or family plans for just $7 a week for a 7-day meal plan. (You can download a sample 3-day meal plan to try it out for FREE.)

I, for one, happily pay $28/month to save $400, not to mention the reduction in stress, anxiety, and waste. Well worth it. (Plus, at just 1200 calories a day, you’re sure to lose weight if you stick remotely close to the plans. Added bonus.) A portion of the proceeds go to Elephant Charities that care for these gentle giants after they’ve been rescued from abusive situations.

If you subscribe, you save $10/mo (just $18.99/mo), and you get to be part of their supportive community as well. I might just do this soon myself.

Additionally, the Happy Herbivore website is full of great, informative articles and videos. They have several books available, cookbooks and lifestyle books. All you need, however, is the meal plans, as they come with recipes and everything else you need for a week’s meals. Lindsay also does other great campaigns. I’ve just been a part of the inspirational and informative 28-Day Live Better program, soon to be a book as well.

BTW. Full disclosure…I’m not being paid to say this. No Happy Herbivore affiliate program. No benefit to me other than passing on helpful information to my readers.

May you find peace.

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