Rowan of the Wood – Prologue

Rowan of the WoodStarting today, each week I’ll publish a new installment of our award-winning YA fantasy novel Rowan of the Wood for your reading enjoyment. Comment below to be entered to win an author-signed free copies of the entire series!

Rowan of the Wood, Winner of the Indie Excellence Award for Young Adult Fiction, tells the story of Cullen, a young boy who meanders through the redwood forest every day on his way to school, losing himself in books and fantasy worlds full of elves, fairies, and wizards. Cullen’s life changes when he uncovers an ancient magic wand that is inhabited by a powerful wizard, Rowan.

Nearly fourteen centuries ago, Rowan and his bride Fiana were separated on their wedding day. Rowan manages to survive, trapped in time, until Cullen releases him from the wand. Fiana uses dark magic to stay alive as she continues searching for Rowan. Over the centuries, Fiana descends deeper into the darkness becoming something evil and eventually giving up her search…until a young boy brings Rowan back to her.

Get your very own copy of Rowan of the Wood in either paperback or eBook. Also, enjoy the other books in the series:

Witch on the Water: Book Two
Fire of the Fey: Book Three
Power of the Zephyr: Book Four

Coming in Autumn 2013, the fifth and final book: Spirit of the Otherworld

Teachers and educators, ask me how to get your class FREE copies of this Amazon bestselling novel and lesson plans as well.


Cullen ran through the redwood forest, grabbing frantically at his chest. His breath came in shallow bursts of pain, while his feet sank in the soft loam with every step. He couldn’t shake the feeling of the vines creeping over his skin, spreading and slithering like sadistic snakes. He grappled with the invisible vines around his throat, choking him.

The moon shone brightly through the thick foliage overhead, casting eerie shadows below. If Cullen hadn’t known these woods so well, he surely would have tripped; but even in his frenzied state, he leapt over fallen trees and massive jutting roots with cervine grace.

He cleared the edge of the forest, still clawing at his neck, leaving behind a crisscross of long red welts. Now in full view, the moon hung big and round, its shadows much harsher without the distortion of the trees. This certainly was a Halloween night he would never forget. The freshly-mowed lawn cushioned his steps. As he cut across it approaching his house, his breath slowed and he felt calmer. Almost home. Almost safe.

Cullen stepped into his darkened room and slid into bed with a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, he had no idea how he got there.


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