Power of the Zephyr on KINDLE!

Power of the Zephyr, book four in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series, is now available on the Kindle for just $4.99, or FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime member. It is enrolled in the KDP select program, so it will only be available via the Kindle in eBook format until December, at that time, it will be available also on Nook and via Smashwords for all other eBook formats.

Please consider leaving a review on Amazon for Power of the Zephyr, as well as the other three books. Reviews help us independent authors out more than you know!

We’ve got plenty reviews for Rowan of the Wood, not that we wouldn’t welcome more, but we have very few for Witch on the Water and especially Fire of the Fey. Please take a few minutes to say a few words about the books we’ve poured our hearts into.

Thank you.


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