Pre-Order Power of the Zephyr NOW!

The new cover is HERE! And isn’t it gorgeous?

Thanks to the amazing talents of J. R. Fleming, who created the illustration, we have a beautiful new cover for the long-awaited 4th book in our Rowan of the Wood fantasy series.

Our first print run will be very small, so pre-order your author-signed copy now to ensure you get one! After waiting so long, you don’t want to wait any longer to continue the adventures of Rowan, Cullen, and the evil Fiana.

Power of the Zephyr continues the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series with further adventure and magical mayhem. The Freak Squad, as Trudy takes to calling them, confront Fiana out into the desert of Northern Nevada where she has developed a cult of mesmerized zombies in an intricate plot to capture Rowan and his wand for herself, once and for all.

You can reserve your copy by –> clicking here <– This price includes shipping right to your door at a ~$3 discount off the normal price. Once the book is released, the price will go up.

And don’t forget to submit your artwork! Your drawing can be in Power of the Zephyr!
Artwork from our young readers is very welcome. Please! Send in your artwork!

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