Submit Your Work of Art!

We’re getting so close! Yes, yes. Nearly a year late, and for that I cannot apologize enough, BUT — we’re on the verge of getting the fourth book OUT and into your hands!

In every Rowan of the Wood book, we have a work of art at the front of the book based on the story therein.

POWER OF THE ZEPHYR, Book Four, will be out by September 2012.
You could have your artwork in the front of the book!

This lovely drawing of Aidan and the Dragon by James Koenig appeared in the front of Fire of the Fey.

Just submit your 5.5×8.5 (vertical) grayscale drawing in .jpg, .gif, or .tif format by July 22 HERE. Winner will be chosen on the 25th and announced on this blog, Ethan’s blog, our Facebook profiles and page, as well as Twitter.

The final cover design for Power of the Zephyr (illustration by J. R. Fleming) will be released later this week, and we’ll be taking pre-orders for your author-signed copy at that time.

Some ideas:

– Fiana as “angel” appearing to Rex from Fire of the Fey
– Moody with one of his cats
– April and Maddy playing with their Runes
– Aidan playing with fire
– Cullen and/or Rowan (or somehow both together)
– James with a knife sticking out of his chest next to Fiana draped over a throne
– Rex with his Rod of Righteousness (baseball bat) in the Redwoods

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