Apple & the eBook Revolution

Later this month, sources claim that Apple won’t be talking about the latest techno-gadget they made before everyone else. They’re known for their cutting-edge technology, quality products, and elitist pricing, but this month’s Apple event won’t focus on any of that. This month, they’re talking eBooks and eBook Publishing through their iBook platform.


See the reports on TechCrunch and in The Telegraph. Also in The Telegraph, a report on how Apple might have entered into an illegal agreement over eBook pricing with some of the NY Big Boys. This a fallout of what happened with Amazon in 2010 when the “agency model” was forced upon them after Apple teamed up with the Big Boys to set their own eBook prices. This is why you sometimes pay as much (if not more) than the paperback/hardback version for an eBook by one of the Big Boys.

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