Emerging Author Spotlight: Rhonda Eudaly

This week’s Emerging Author Spotlight is on Rhonda Eudaly and her short story “Defiance” in celebration of Short Story Month 2011 (#ssm2011).

Rhonda is as delightful as she is funny. Although she does humor well, she also writes great nonfiction, and she graciously contributed an essay for my book Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author entitled “The MTV/American Idol Effect in Writing.

Some people really do light up a room when they come into it. Rhonda Eudaly is one of those people. She is bright, talented, funny, and fun redhead, and a gifted writer. Fortunately she has chosen to use her talents for good, creating fantasy stories that are also funny and fun.

Find more of her writing online at her blog/website. Connect with Rhonda on Twitter & Facebook, too.

For today’s classic short story, I bring you “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a brilliant piece that perfectly captures how one’s past sometimes doesn’t stay there.

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (born Sept. 24, 1896, St. Paul, Minn., U.S.—died Dec. 21, 1940, Hollywood, Calif.) American short-story writer and novelist famous for his depictions of the Jazz Age (the 1920s), his most brilliant novel being The Great Gatsby (1925). His private life, with his wife, Zelda, in both America and France, became almost as celebrated as his novels. (from Biography.com)

To participate in the celebration of short fiction during Short Story Month 2011, please use the hashtag #ssm2011 on Twitter.


Share your thoughts on “Defiance.” Let’s talk.

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