The Right Followers

It’s all fine and dandy to have thousands of followers, but are they the *right* followers on Twitter? This, as in everything, depends on your goals. If you’re trying to win a who-can-get-the-most-followers contest with a friend, then it doesn’t really matter who is following you. If you’re trying to market your book or product, then it most certainly does matter.

Say you’ve written a YA paranormal romance, but the bulk of your followers only read horror or don’t read at all. You can Tweet until your fingers fall off, you won’t reach many people because they are just not interested in your product.

It was actually a tweet from Penny Sansevieri (@bookgal) of Author Marketing Experts that clicked this particular light on in my dark mind. The tweet led to this article on “The Free Factor,” and these are the words that woke me up:

Once someone takes advantage of the free offer, they are saying in essence, “OK, I’m interested in what you’re offering, I’m just not ready to buy yet. But I’m open to learning more.”

If you’re offering free content and people aren’t responding, you don’t have the right followers. They aren’t interested in what you are offering.

Find the right followers, and you’ll find a greater response to your marketing efforts. But remember, with any marketing plan on Twitter, you simply must talk about more than just your product or book. Connect with your readers, just ensure they are readers who are interested in what you write.

Try this: Every two or three hours, tweet something that you’ll give away for free, like a short story or an eBook. Get them to RT something to help spread the word, like “The 1st 5 who tweet ‘Look: a book on publishing & marketing realities by @christinerose’ gets a free PDF of it.” Track the links with something like

If you don’t get those 5 tweets in the first 10 minutes OR you’re not getting click throughs on that link, you don’t have the right followers.


What are some tips on how to find and connect with the right kind of followers?

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