Top 10 Twitter Resources

Since I’ve discovered Twitter, my eyes have become even more sunken from staring at the computer screen. Because, even when I’m not in my home office working online, I’m Tweeting from a car while stopped at a traffic light or Tweeting in the middle of a conversation. I Tweet while I watch TV. One of the first things I think of when I notice something beautiful or see something funny is ‘I have to Tweet this!’

I’m a total junkie.

Now there is an entirely new source of over-information in the form of Tweets! And then there are sites on top of sites that are just resources to use along with Twitter (and blogs dedicated to using Twitter)… and the list goes on…

Twitter makes me feel more connected. Twitter makes me feel less alone. Twitter challenges me to learn new things. Twitter helps me keep up with world events when I feel like I’m drowning in cyberspace. Twitter inspires me to write better blogs. Twitter makes me more _______! (Great blog post with many Tweets responding and filling in the blank).

So far, here are the top 10 Twitter resources I’ve collected.

  1. Tweet Adder – This amazing program not only helps you build your Twitter following by finding targeted, like-minded followers, it will also assist you in the marketing portion of your tweets. Mass follow/unfollow. Recurring tweets. Utilize it to promote your brand, books, services, etc. But remember, although Twitter is a great marketing tool, you can’t *just* self promote or people won’t follow you. Your tweets must be mixed with RTs, personal updates, and participating in the community.
  2. TweetDeck: Keep track of all your Tweets on this fancy dashboard. You can even monitor more than one twitter account and schedule future tweets. I use this daily.
  3. 181 Free Twitter Buttons (etc) – A post on the greatest Twitter blog I’ve found (TwiTip) about little buttons and widgets you can post on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc… one not listed is the one that I use from Korelab (lovingly ripped off from John Cleese’s site). Look down on the right sidebar of this blog to see it.
  4. Tweetmeme – View the most popular Twitter threads occurring now. I’m not quite sure about the benefit of this site – perhaps to see the most popular topics or trends in Twitter, like the next one:
  5. Twist: See Trends in Twitter – searchable by keyword, shows graph and then recent posts. Pretty cool.
  6. Twitt(url)y: Real Time Link Tracking on Twitter. What people are talking about NOW, in real time.
  7. Future Tweets – You can even set Tweets to post in the future while you’re away. Pretty fricken cool! (I think they no longer do this – 7/28)
  8. Twitterholic: Top Twits by followers
  9. TwitterFeed: Feed your blog on Twitter
  10. TweetVolume: See how often certain words/phrases appear on Twitter

And here are my top 10 Twitter “top 10” (ish) blogs.

  1. 11 Ways to Use Twitter to Held Your Site Go Viral
  2. How To: Build a Twitter Community
  3. How Not to Build Your Twitter Community
  4. Ten Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners
  5. Twitter for Business: 5 Ways to Tap the Power of the Tweet
  6. Attracting Followers 101
  7. 101 Ways to be Rocked by Twitter
  8. Top 10 Uses of Twitter
  9. Top 10 Things Twitter Can Do (according to nobody)
  10. Twitter Top 10: How to use Twitter Correctly


  • 21 Things an Author can do on Twitter
  • Every Tweet – A very Zen way to watch the world go by.
  • Don’t be a Twitter Snob
  • Twitter Tool Box
  • Twitter Backgrounds
  • TwitterStalk – Ew!
  • TweetBeep – Be notified when people are talking about you on Twitter!
  • 6 Tips to Get New Followers
  • Mutuality – Mass Unfollow/Follow. But this only works up to like 2,000 followers. The Tweet Adder service (#1 at the top) will follow/unfollow, etc.
  • Twitseeker – Find new friends based on what they’re tweeting about or what’s in their profile
  • How Twitter was born
  • I’ll keep adding to this list as I find new resources, so check back!


    Questions for you…

    What is your favorite Twitter Resource?

    What do you most often ReTweet?

    What do you like to Tweet about?

    4 Comments Add yours

    1. jrwillliams says:

      Thanks for posting. The tweet adder looks awesome, but it’s $55 bucks. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I might check it out in the future though. I also like

      1. christinerose says:

        It depends on how you will use it. It’s well worth it to me updating two twitter profiles all day while I work. Well worth the money. There are plenty of free services online that will do the same, but I don’t know all of them anymore.

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