Welcome Friends!

Welcome friends to my new blog. I’m branching off from the C&E Blog to focus my efforts on a soon-to-be-released nonfiction book to help emerging authors decide on the best publishing avenue and marketing strategy for their book(s).

With this blog, I hope to post three times a week on the publishing industry, marketing/social networking, and even on the craft of writing. Additionally, these will be interspersed with posts spotlighting emerging authors and guest posts from some of them as well.

To start, I’ll be recycling some pertinent posts from the old blog, with the necessary updates, and posting snippets from the forthcoming book Publishing and Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author. I’ve populated February with the four basic publishing choices, almost straight from the book-in-progress. These originated on my old blog as the “Publishing 101” series, but I’ve reposted some of them here for your convenience.


What topic(s) you would most like to read about and discuss to help with your craft, publishing plan, and/or marketing strategy?

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