Emerging Author Spotlight: T. S. Tate

I know I haven’t done an Emerging Author Spotlight in awhile, and I’m still not really doing one today. This amazing woman, while an emerging author as well, is a fine freelance editor. I can personally (& highly) recommend her, as she edited my book Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author.

From her website:

I received a Master of Arts in English/Technical Writing in 2008 and have more than ten years of documentation and editing experience. I am currently the Reviews and Acquisitions Editor at Best Damn Creative Writing Blog. I have spent the past three years in the corporate environment as a Technical Editor and have previously edited for Christine Rose, Phoebe North and many others involved in both the #ScribeChat and #WritersRoad chats on Twitter. In addition, I am an active member of the Interrobangs and post on their blog monthly. My flash fiction, Street Noises will be published in November 2011 by Pill Hill Press.
Her rates are very reasonable, especially considering the thorough job she does.
So, if you’re in need of an editor, T. S. Tate is the one to call.
Connect with her online: Twitter * Website

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  1. Tee says:

    Thanks so much, hon. I appreciate the pimp! 🙂

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