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New Book Trailer: A Poll

Recently, I had a book trailer and book cover made for my forthcoming Memoir One Reason to Live. Although I’ll be spending the rest of this year looking for a literary agent, I also know the realities of the industry. Since I’m not a celebrity, there’s only a small chance an agent and publisher would take a chance on me and my book. I’m going to try nonetheless!

In an attempt to help find an audience and expand my “platform,” as the industry calls it, I hired two freelancers to create a book cover and trailer. If I do get picked up by an agent/publisher, these will most certainly change. Even if I end up self-publishing, I’ll likely get a new cover made, too. (You can vote on the cover toward the bottom of this post.)

But for now, I hope they will speak to people.

I had the amazing Emily Hardey create a book trailer for me, and she nailed it on the first try; however, since the music was so “light,” and my memoir deals with pretty “dark” topics, I asked her to try it with darker music.

Below are the two outcomes, and I’d like very much for you to vote on them! (Please note: these polls don’t seem to show up on mobile devices, so please vote on your desktop or laptop browser!)


Light with an “Oprah Book Club” feel.

Trailer B

A darker feel to the music, with an inspirational swell.

Book Cover

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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