Free Fantasy Audiobook

Rowan of the Wood, by Ia Ensterä

Rowan of the Wood is back!

If you missed my Rowan of the Wood fantasy series in the past, or you just want a refresher, this free serialized audiobook is perfect for you! Escape from this dark reality of 2020 and delve into a world of magic and adventure.

This re-release of these audiobook chapters includes Author Notes at the end of each episode. I put them at the end, so you can stop after the chapter and go on to the next one or you can choose to stay and listen to tidbits of our inspiration, journey, process, and even mistakes and lessons learned along the way.

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New chapters on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Here are the first three for your enjoyment:

Rowan of the Wood: Chapter 1
Rowan of the Wood: Chapter 2
Rowan of the Wood: Chapter 3

You can purchase your copy of Rowan of the Wood, as well as the other books in the series and others written under my former pen name O. M. Grey, at Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle.

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